Dump Truck Tarp Aluminium Arm Parts & Kit

Dump Truck Tarp Systems don’t just rely on the tarps themselves to get the job done. Rather, there’s a long list of other components that can make your dump truck more productive. One of those parts involves utilizing aluminum arm parts, which help shift the tarp over your cargo area, providing maximum security for your materials during transit. Whether you wish to load or unload your cargo, a dump truck tarp arm kit can make your job easier. We sell a wide variety of aluminum arms, hardware and replacement parts that’ll make your cargo securement more effective.

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  1. 98" Aluminum Housing for Tarping System
  2. Aluminum 45 Degree Corner
  3. Pivot Pin 5 Spring
  4. Aluminum 30 Degree Corner
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Glance At Our Aluminum Arm Parts

There’s nothing more important than making sure our product stays secure at all times. The aluminum arms on the side of the dump truck can provide security for your load. This essential tool often dictates the movement of the tarp over your open-top trailer, providing sufficient coverage over your loose material. Should your aluminum arm parts become damaged from long-term use, they may require a replacement.

 At Mytee Products we sell a wide range of dump truck tarp arm parts designed for your dump truck body, such as the spiral torsion spring, aluminum cross tube, 5 spring aluminum lower arm and aluminum side arm with corner. Many of our aluminum arms come with a wealth of benefits, such as easy installation, allowing you to carry more products at one time, and they’re lightweight, weighing 60% less than steel. Clearly, these dump truck tarp arm parts can make dump trucking a breeze.

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