Moisture Tester

Growing and harvesting hay can be a profitable enterprise, but limiting losses due to moisture is the key to success. Moisture must be controlled if profits are to be maximized with every harvest. Therefore, one of the hay producer's most important tools is the moisture tester. The electronic moisture meter will keep you informed of the interior moisture content of your hay at all times.

As a hay producer, you know that excess moisture can lead to mold growth and spontaneous combustion. You also know that not enough moisture is bad for your product as well. Why take chances by guessing about moisture content? You can know exactly how moist your hay is when you use a hay moisture meter. We currently carry hay and grain moisture meters from Agratronix, a name you know you can trust You can purchase your electronic moisture meter online or by paying us a visit at our Aurora, Ohio location.

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17 Items

  1. Agratronix Portable Hay Moisture Tester with Calibration Clip HT-PRO
  2. Agratronix Portable Hay Moisture Tester DHT-1
  3. Agratronix Moisture Tester MT-Pro 08125
  4. AgraTronix Windrow Hay Moisture Tester Meter
  5. Agratronix Ag-MAC Plus Mini Gac Plus Grain Moisture Tester
  6. Agratronix Portable Coffee Moisture Tester
    As low as $224.99
  7. Agratronix MT-PRO+ Portable Grain Moisture Tester
  8. AgraTronix BHT-2 Baler Mounted Hay Moisture Tester
  9. Agratronix BHT-1 Baler-Mounted Hay Moisture Tester
  10. Agratronix Soil Compaction Tester
    As low as $152.99
  11. Agratronix HST-1 Advanced Hay, Straw, and Silage Tester with Density Compensation
  12. Agratronix Hay Core Sampler
  13. Agratronix Coffee/Cocoa Bean Moisture Tester
  14. Agratronix Temperature Probe - 59 Inch
  15. Agratronix TMT Tobacco Moisture Tester
  16. Agratronix Cotton Moisture Tester
  17. Agratronix GMT Grind Grain Moisture Tester
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