Dump Truck Tarp Steel Arm Parts & Kit

Arm parts aren’t usually used in dump trucking due to the hydraulic systems that often raise and lower a truck’s bed. Though, there are instances where a dump trucker might find them useful. Similar to aluminum arm parts, steel arm parts help keep your loose materials secure. The dump truck tarp arm kit is often used to help cover the cargo area with a tarp. Here at Mytee Products, we sell several different types of dump truck tarp steel arm parts.

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6 Items

  1. Spiral Torsion Spring for Dump Truck Tarp System
    As low as $7.99
  2. Steel Upper Arm
  3. Aluminum Pivot Pin 4 Spring for Dump Truck Tarp System
    As low as $15.99
  4. Pivot Pin 5 Spring
  5. 5 Spring Steel Lower Arm
  6. Steel Cross Tube
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Our Steel Arm Parts for Dump Truck Tarps

The steel arm parts are an important asset for handling the loading and securement of your materials. They help protect and keep your materials contained during transit, preventing a roll-off of debris. No trucker wants to deal with a major car accident or pay an expensive fine.  

Despite their durability, the dump truck tarp arm kit does tend to rust faster than aluminum arm parts. We sell a wide range of steel arm parts, such as steel cross tube, pivot pin 5 spring, 5 spring lower arm, and more. We have all the dump truck tarp arm parts you need for your dump truck.

The Steel Arm Parts You Need

Here at Mytee Products, we specialize in customer satisfaction. All our steel arm parts meet high-quality standards and are sold at unbeatable prices. Stop in today and buy our dump truck tarp arm parts.