Sliding Winches for Flatbed Trailer

Our sliding winches create unique solutions to unexpected tie-down problems that happen on the go. Mytee Products sells a large selection of flatbed sliding winches to choose from, such as Standard Wilson Slider W Track, Standard C Track Winch and Sliding Double L Trailer Winch. Whatever product you need, we have it on hand.

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  1. Trailer Winch - Sliding Double L Style - Available in Many Styles
  2. Trailer Winch - Standard Sliding C Track Available in Many Styles
  3. Standard Wilson Trailer Winch With Track Slider
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Our Sliding Winches Come Top Notch

Our specialty sliding winches can be placed at any position along either side of a flatbed trailer frame. They’ll lock into place, and secure the webbing once positioned and tightened.

These products are made out of forged steel, and come in either coated black powder or zinc-plated, giving them their versatility and durability. Not to mention our sliding winches come in the Standard, Deep to Low Profiles. Check out our inventory:

  • W Track Sliding Winches: This sliding winch comes packed with several unique features, such as matching mandrel and pawl pins. It can withstand up to 250 hours of salt spray testing and can hold 2,”3,” to 4” straps.
  • C Track Sliding Winches: The C Track Sliding Winches can offer more tensioning strength for your winch straps. This sliding winch works best with steel trailers and an aluminum “C” Track. It has a breaking strength at 16,500lbs, a WLL of 5,500lbs and it comes in two other styles, Torque Drive and Ratcheting Profiles.
  • L Track Sliding Winches: On the other hand, this sliding winch can handle the toughest of jobs, such as securing pallets. We offer the L Track Sliding Winches in two other styles as well, the Ratcheting and Zinc Profiles.

Explore our wise section of flatbed winches and accessories to bind the load fast and securely.

Why to Invest In Our Speciality Sliding Winches

All in all, our company can offer truckers all the essential tools they need to complete their jobs quickly and efficiently. As always, we’re here to present our customers with high-quality products at the most affordable prices available.