3-Inch Winch Straps

When it comes to finding the best heavy-duty solutions for securing extremely heavy cargo, winch straps are the way to go. Particularly, Mytee Products’ 3-inch Winch Straps come lightweight and are best used for loads that don’t require a high WLL. We sell a wide variety of  3-inch flatbed straps with various end fittings.

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  1. 3 in. x 30 ft. Winch Strap with Flat Hook
    As low as $9.99
  2. 3" x 30' Winch Strap with Wire Hook
    As low as $9.99
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3-Inch Winch Strap To Secure Your Cargo

Protecting your cargo means finding the right winch strap for the job. While 3” flatbed straps can handle most extreme jobs, it’s important to note that they have a lower WLL than 4-inch winch straps.

The perks of using 3” Winch Straps for cargo securement are their ability to fit through narrow spaces, act as a replacement for your 3” ratchet tie-down straps, weigh 25% less than the other flatbed winch straps and can easily be thrown across your load.

Additionally, corner protectors can protect your winch straps and even out their weight distribution over your load. Cargo securement has never been made easier.

Our 3-Inch Winch Straps Construction

Clearly, 3” winch straps pack tons of strength. After all, it’s their polyester material that makes them so durable. Specifically, the high-quality polyester tie-down webbing reduces stretching and prevents your load from falling off your flatbed trailer. The 3” winch strap’s construction protects it from early signs of damage and the natural elements.

Take A Look At Our Inventory

At Mytee Products, we have a wide selection of 3” Winch Straps and end fittings to choose from. Check out our inventory below:

  • 3” x 30ft Winch Strap With Flat Hook: First on our list, comes the 3” winch strap with a flat hook. It extends 30 feet long, has a WLL of 5,000 lbs and a breaking strength of 15,000 lbs.
  • 3” x 30ft Winch Strap With Chain Anchor: Accessorized with a chain anchor end fitting, this heavy-duty tie-down is just as powerful as the previous one. Furthermore, the chain anchor is a G70 3/8” that’s 15” long. These tie-down straps have a similar WLL and breaking strength as the previous style. 
  • 3” x 30ft Winch Strap With Wire Hook: As the name suggests, this style features a wire hook end fitting. The flatbed strap winch has a WLL of 5,000 lbs and a breaking strength of 15,000 lbs. Additionally, the winch strap is 30 feet long.

We always strive for the best in customer service. A part of that means providing customers with high-quality and affordable products. At Mytee Products, you can always rely on us to offer you the best products in the business.