Lifting Beams and Spreader Bars

A lifting job can become quite a challenge when it comes to moving an oddly-shaped load. That’s where Lifting Beams and Spreader Bars come into play. These lifting and rigging devices are often used throughout the construction, shipping, and at offshore operations to lift and move unusually large materials in a safe and efficient manner. Shop at Mytee Products today for a variety of lifting equipment, such as crane lifting beams, lifting beams, and spreader bars to make your job all the more safer and efficient.

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The Crane Spreader Bar for Lifting

For starters, the Crane Spreader Bars are horizontal beams that help evenly distribute the weight of unusually large loads. Typically, these lightweight and affordable devices lift materials like Shipping Containers and large machinery. Our lifting spreader bar has several key features that can accommodate any lifting situation. For instance, they feature several hooks or lugs along their length that can be connected to slings. Our lifting spreader bar offers multiple attachment points that make it possible to lift several loads simultaneously. This balances out the weight of the loads, establishing stability. They can lengthen the distance between the crane arm and your cargo. Thus, this increases the overall height of the lift needed to hoist up the load.

Moreover, a lifting spreader bar’s design rests solely on the requirements needed to lift and move your load. Some are adjustable and will better accommodate the size of your load, while others feature end-fittings like swivel hooks to aid with positioning your materials. Though, the Crane Spreader Bar you purchase must be able to withstand the weight of your load and lift it safely. Overall, our lifting spreader bar can take the stress out of a challenging lift job.

The Lifting Beam

Similarly, Lifting Beams come very versatile in their lifting capabilities. Primarily used for general lifting, these beams can also lift various types of loads, no matter if they’re weak, flexible, or just oddly shaped. They’re most useful when your material must be lifted at various attachment points in order to keep it balanced. Like the Crane Spreader Bar, Mytee Products Lifting Beams can lift multiple loads simultaneously. A lifting beam’s design makes it suitable for situations where there’s limited headroom in a lifting area. Take a look at our inventory of lifting beams:

  • Standard Duty Lifting Beam: This particular lifting beam has features that’ll make any lifting job feel like a walk in the park. Our Standard Duty Lifting Beam features two channel beams and a plate bail opening that connects to either a hoist or crane. They also come equipped with swivel hooks and three standard spreads. Additionally, our Standard Duty Lifting Beam uses minimal headroom, which means more room to lift and move your loads.

    Even better, our company’s lifting beams are made with a high level of safety in mind and have a preconceived lifespan of up to 500,000 lifts. These lifting beams also have high capacities ranging from ½ to 80 tons and multiple lifting points. They even feature shackle lugs, fan spins, and various hooks, making the device very versatile. Our Standard Duty Lifting Beam has a wealth of qualities that make them worth buying.


  • Short Span Lifting Beam: On the other hand, our Short Span Lifting Beams are stronger than the Standard Duty Lifting Beams. They can support various types of load capacities at fixed spreads ranging anywhere from 1ft to 3ft. It includes a triangular plate with 2 lower shackles to help connect the load. Additionally, it features an opening at the top where the device will latch onto a crane.

    Much like the Standard Duty Lifting Beam, our Short Span lifters offer minimal headrooms, great safety satisfaction, and a long-lasting guarantee. Keep in mind that there are some minor differences. These lifting beams are supplied with a pair of shackles, 1 standard spread, and hooks, are sold at various lengths, and have an upper shackle with an oblong link.

The Spreader Bars

The Lifting Beams may only be required for simple lifting applications. Though, our Spreader Bar can do more than just your average lifting beam. Specifically, this below-the-hook lifting device is only meant for extremely heavy or wide loads that can’t be lifted by just one connection point. Additionally, our lifting and rigging devices can be used in situations where there’s a large distance between attachment points. By using various lifting slings or chains you can even out the weight distribution of the load.

Moreover, a Spreader Bar can feature a sling to help lift a long piece of cargo. Though, because the legs of the sling, hook, and load are at far distances from each other, these lifting beams are rarely used in limited headroom situations. Let’s take a look at the various types of Spreader Beams Mytee Products offers:

  • Adjustable Spreader Beams: These types of beams are great for supporting long and lengthy loads at a lifting job. Specifically, they’re designed to distribute the weight of the loads evenly along multiple lifting points. It can also accommodate their various load sizes and styles. Our Adjustable Spreader Beams can also be used to lift a variety of loads, establishes an even weight distribution of a load, reduces the risk of an accident, and allows you complete control over how you position the load.

    Specifically, our product comes equipped with adjustable bail positions, chain top rigging, and swivel hooks and has high capacities ranging from ¼-7 tons. This spreader beam even comes in various lengths and has multiple lifting points and spreads. Not to mention, they’ve been proof-tested at 125% capacity. If you want a less-challenging lifting job, then using our Adjustable Spreader Beams can make your job easier.

  • Fixed Spreader Beams: However, these lifting beams are not adjustable. As the name suggests, Fixed Spreader Beams have a fixed length, with no adjustable sections present. Though, they do come equipped with multiple attachment points to help them connect with lifting slings and chains. While the Fixed Spreader Beam has multiple uses, its main purpose is for situations where the load’s size and configurations remain consistent. Keep in mind that they’re not meant for instances where the load sizes vary or will require any alterations. 

    Other key features of this lifting beam include its durability and strength to handle heavier loads, prevention of overloading, and they’re ease to handle. These lifting and rigging devices may not pack as great of a punch as our Adjustable Spreader Beams, but they can be just as effective in the right situations.

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At Mytee Products we have everything you’ll need. Our Lifting Beams and Crane Spreader Bars are made of the highest quality. Even better, they’re always sold at affordable prices.