Chain Hooks - Grab and Clevis Hooks

Transport chains may be important for the everyday flatbed trucker. However, even the strongest of chains needs a good chain hook and a few accessories to make sure everything stays secure on your flatbed trailer.

Mytee Products offers several different transport chain hooks that can accommodate any chain grade. As always, all of our products are in stock and sold at an affordable price. At our company, we strive to offer customers high-quality products all while saving them money.

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14 Items

  1. Forged Tow Hook, for Light Duty, 10,000 lbs Capacity (Sold as a set, 2 pcs)
    As low as $14.99
  2. Grade 70 Clevis Grab Hooks with Pins
  3. G70 Clevis Hook with Latch
  4. G70 Clevis Slip Hook
  5. G70 Chain Link Double Clevis
  6. Grade 80 Clevis Cradle Grab Hooks with Pins
  7. G70 Drop Forged Weld On Heavy Duty Towing Hook
  8. Weld on Anchor Hooks
  9. G70 Safety Chains w/ Clevis Slip Hook & Chain Retainer
  11. G100 Clevis Sling Hook w/ Latch for Lifting
  12. G100 Cradle Clevis Grab Hook for Lifting
  13. 3/8" Grab Hook w/ 18" Chain Anchor 4" Delta Ring
    As low as $12.99
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Chain Hooks and End-Fitting at Mytee Products

Flatbed Truckers will find that we offer a large selection of hooks for G80 and G70 chains. They come in several sizes, different styles and even different colors, depending on your flatbed needs. We carry everything from grab hooks and slip hooks to even Clevis Hook connectors. Our range of hooks and fittings work to accommodate chain sizes that range between 5/16" and 1/2" inches and working load limit capabilities that go from 11,300 lbs to 47,000 lbs. Take a look at our inventory:

  • Clevis Grab Hook: A very common accessory on transport chains, this hook’s shallow throat opening allows for easy and secure connections. It can be secured by hooking it back to a specific chain link and it won’t move around. Unfortunately, the grab hook can’t be attached to the side of a truck or D-ring. On the plus side, it comes in a wide range of colors, such as a gold chromate finish or even red.
  • Clevis Slip Hook: This durable, sling chain hook features a wider throat than the regular Clevis Grab Hook. Usually, these hooks are made of alloy material and come in a gold chromate finish.
  • Clevis Slip Hook with A Latch: Made with high-strength, low-alloy carbon steel, these hooks should be on every flatbed trucker’s wish list. The wider throat of this Clevis Hook makes it easier to secure. Additionally, this slip hook can attach to a D-ring of an equipment or trailer. Not to mention, the safety latch prevents the chain from releasing and/or rehooking when removed.
  • Clevis Cradle Grab Hooks with Pins: This type of clevis grab hook provides a secure link engagement and a smoother chain release. This hook is best suited for all your heavy-lifting needs. These clevis hooks are forged in alloy steel for G70 chains. For G80 chains, they come in colors red, yellow, and gold. 
  • Tow Hook: These steel hooks can be welded onto your vehicle and used for towing applications. Truckers can attach a towing sling or a shackle to this hook. Often, the hardware is used for G70 transport chains. 
  • Weld on Anchor Hooks: These hooks are designed for welding onto equipment to make it easier to lift and pull for an easy attachment of a chain, wire rope or web slings. Weld on anchor hooks can come in several different colors, such as yellow.  
  • Pintle Hook: Unlike the other transport chain hooks, the Pintle hooks are best used for towing applications. These chain hooks are commonly installed onto the bumper or frame of a towing vehicle. The best way to latch them onto your vehicle is by welding them on or using bolts. Oftentimes, our Pintle Hooks come in a Black Powder-coated finish.

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We at Mytee Products have everything in stock that flatbed truckers need, especially when it comes to Chain hooks and other hardware accessories. Be sure to check out our wide selection of clevis hooks, slip hooks and grab hooks, and see which product best suits you. We have what you need when you need it, and at the price you want it.