Step Deck Trailer Accessories and Equipment

Moving bigger loads like heavy machinery or construction materials requires the best tie-down solutions and safety products on the market. Luckily, Mytee Products has you covered with an extensive catalog of trucking supplies specialized entirely for your Step Deck trailer to make your hauls safer and more efficient.

Step Deck Tie-Down Supplies

Make sure your step deck load is secure with our selection of D-rings, corner protectors, transport chains, and more. We carry a large variety of transport chains and chain binders of various styles.

D-Rings And Tie Down Anchor Points

When it comes to tie-down anchor points on your trailers or trucks, it’s important to know how to properly secure your cargo! Most Step Deck trailers already have anchor points in the front and back for you to utilize, though what happens when you have a load that requires more points? Well, D-Rings, especially ones with weld-on clips, are there to help you with that! Mytee Products has a variety of D-Rings to fit your specific needs!

Chains, Chain Binder and Ratchet Load Binders

Sometimes a load is a very extensive and heavy duty. Straps may not be enough for that load, so what can you do? Use chains of course! Mytee Products not only offers chains in a variety of lengths and grades, but we also offer chain and load bindersCoil racks, steel corner protectors, and coil cuffs are required for your hauling needs! (Note: Our transport chains cannot be used in overhead lifting.)