Lever Chain Binders

A Lever Binder is used in tie-down applications where two chains need to be tightly secured to or around cargo. A lever chain binder attaches to two points on a heavy-duty chain, and by using a lever, pulls the chain together to create a tight grip, and secure whatever cargo is on your trailer. These binders are made out of heavy-duty forged steel and meet all DOT and FMCSA specifications.

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  1. Chain Binder Lever Style
  2. Recoilless Chain Binder Lever Style
    As low as $10.00
  3. 5/16-3/8" Durabilt Recoilless Binder 6600WLL
    As low as $42.99
  4. E-Z Pro Cam Release Recoilless Lever Binder Columbus McKinnon
    As low as $43.00
  5. Durabilt Lever Binders w/ Spring
  6. Mytee Products Lever Binder Lock Snap Binder Safety Locking Clip
    As low as $3.29
  7. Ancra Lever Binder Locking Clip -
    As low as $6.99
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Lever Binders for Securing Cargo

Using a lever binder is fairly easy, and safe. To get started, take one hook end of the lever load binder and attach it to your transport chain. Grab your chain and get as much access as you can, and attach the other hook to your chain. Using the lever, pull the chain tight, there should be little to no give when the chain is tugged on. In order to protect your cargo, consider using corner protectors. In order to prevent the snap back from the lever, you can wrap the chain around the lever, or you can hold it together using bungee straps.

Mytee Products Lever Chain Binder Construction

Each one of our lever binders is made out of forged heavy-duty steel, an incredibly dense metal capable of withstanding enormous pressure. Unless you exceed working load limits, these load binders will last a long time. The working load limits vary depending on the hook size on each binder. Our binders with ⅜” - ½” hooks have a working load limit of 9,200 lbs. The lever mechanism has two positions, having the lever face your cargo means it's fully extended and ready to be attached to the chain, when the lever is facing you, it’s tightening your chain down. All lever binders should be wrapped with the excess chain to prevent the lever from opening during transit.

Types of Lever Binders

We carry a few varieties of lever chain binders all with specific uses, working load limits, and hook sizes to suit your needs.

Lever Style Binder

This type of binder is one of the most commonly used among flatbedders. It features two grab hooks on each end and has a lever that, when pulled, brings two points of a chain together creating a tight hold on your cargo.

Recoilless Lever Binder

A recoilless binder works similarly to a normal lever style binder, except on this binder, the center of the body rotates independently free of the handle. This prevents any kickback and allows you to release the binder easily and smoothly, and lowers any chance of injury.

The snapback or potential undoing of the lever can be a bit of a headache, which is why we also carry safety locking clips at a fair and affordable price. At Mytee Products, we want to make sure you’re hauling safely, and earning more.