E-Track Rails & X-Track Rails

E-Track Rails are one of the key pieces of equipment in the e-track systems to secure the cargo in any enclosed trailer or dry van. Using E-Track Rails truckers can ensure their materials are safe inside. Considered one of the most popular methods used by the enclosed trucking industry, these trailers' tie-down rails help secure your cargo. Additionally, utilize the space of any industrial vehicle, such as dry vans, tractor-trailers and box trucks. Since truckers often get paid by the load, E-Track Rails allow them to carry a wide variety of materials at one time.

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  1. Horizontal & Vertical Cross E-Track - Black Powder Coated for Trailer Truck
  2. Horizontal & Vertical Cross Galvanized E Track for Trailer Truck
  3. E-Track Horizontal Galvanized Rails, Made in USA
  4. Black Powder Coated Horizontal E-Track Rail - Made in USA
  5. E Track Vertical Galvanized Made in USA
  6. 5' Black Powder Coated Vertical E-Track - Made in USA
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  7. (10) Pack of E-Track End Caps
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At Mytee Products, we offer a vast selection of E-Track Rails to choose from, such as Horizontal, Vertical, and X-Track Rails. In addition to selling E-Track Rails, we also offer supportive e-track accessories and hardware, such as Butterfly End Fittings and E-Track Straps. We have the products you need, at the price right price.

Our E-Track Rails Make Trucker’s Life Easier

Outfitting your truck trailer with E-Track Rails can really make your vehicle more versatile. Most importantly, you'll have tie-down points wherever you need them, making cargo securement easier.

E-Track Rail systems use the strength of the trailer to ensure the protection of your load. These cargo tie-down rails can be situated either horizontally and vertically, thus creating multiple anchoring points within your trailer. Installing E-Track Rails along the walls and flooring of your trailer can help you utilize the space of your trailer, all while protecting your materials.

Choosing Mytee Products’ Trailer Tie-Down Rails

Construction of our E-Track Rails makes them durable and able to withstand the heaviest of cargo. You can run over these industrial rails without even breaking them. Here at Mytee Products, we typically sell our trailer tie-down rails in the galvanized or black-powder coating, and 13-gage steel. Using material such as this, it’s no wonder that E-Track Rails last for many years. Even better, Mytee Products offers them in sizes ranging from 1 ft to 5ft, with the latter being the most commonly sold.

Here are three different styles of E-Track Rails that we offer:

Horizontal E-Track Rails

As the name suggests, Horizontal E-Track Rails can be installed along the walls, ceiling and even the floors of your trailer. Additionally, this trailer tie-down rails allow for cargo equipment to be quickly installed and removed within seconds. Mytee Products Horizontal Rails are most commonly accessorized with the E-Track Straps. They have other uses besides just cargo securement, such as transporting cars, bikes, motorcycles, snowmobiles, and UTV’s.

Vertical E-Track Rails

Arguably, the Vertical style yields the best results when it comes to protecting your cargo. Our company recommends using them for interior van trailer tie-down applications. Verticle E-Track Rails can be used in conjunction with decking beams and cargo nets, which both prevent your cargo from shifting during transportation. More importantly, they’ll save your cargo from being damaged. The last thing any trucker wants is to arrive at their destination, only to realize that their materials are broken, dented or completely destroyed.

X-Track Rails

One of the most versatile E-Track Rails, the X-Track Rail features cross or “X” shaped slots. These cargo tie-down rails can be positioned both horizontally and vertically. This only allows for more versatility when creating your track rail system. You can truly utilize the space within your trailer. X-Track Rails are primarily used in the interior of van trailers, as well as in conjunction with E-Track hardware such as Ratchet Straps and Cam Straps.

Our E-Track Rails Come At The Highest Quality

Since truckers make their money hauling cargo back and forth, their materials must be protected at all times. Mytee Products has your back with our E-Track System. We’ll provide you with quality E-Track Rails for your enclosed trailer, at the most affordable price. We live by our company’s slogan “Haul Safe and Earn More,” always making sure our customers walk away satisfied.