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Truck and trailer drivers often use extra precaution when driving in challenging weather conditions. That’s why it’s a good idea to have Beacon Lights on hand. At Mytee Products, we offer a wide variety of Beacon Lights. They’re made with an unbeatable level of craftsmanship and come at affordable prices. We also offer them in a variety of colors, styles, and even class distinctions for you to choose from. At the end of the day, you have to decide which warning light will help you complete your job in the most efficient and safest way possible.

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10 Items

  1. Towlight for Light Duty Applications, 22 Inch
    As low as $210.00
  2. Oversize Load Banner, Wirelessly Lit 96" Wide (Towmate)
    As low as $756.99
  3. Strobe Bar 360 Degrees Amber Colored 16 Inch
    As low as $221.99
  4. 4" Round LED Stop, Tail and Turn Light For Trailer Chassis
  5. 21" Heavy-Duty Towmate Wireless Tow Light Bar w/ Turn Signal Indicators
  7. Star Warning System Class 2 Beacon - Made in USA
  8. 2.5" Round Amber LED Marker Clearance/ Side Marker, Flange For Trailer Chassis Light
    As low as $3.79
  9. 14.5" Rechargeable DOT Marker Light
    As low as $79.99
  10. Minibar LED Strobe Light - Amber Permanent Mount
    As low as $239.99
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Check Out All Neat Features of Beacon Lights

  • Visual Signaling: Beacon Lights may give off a pretty light show but they’re paramount to ensuring road safety.  They can warn pedestrians and drivers that there’s a huge truck up ahead or that construction work is in progress. Some warning lights my flash, while others rotate. Mytee Products Star Warning System Class 2 Beacon offers up to 28 lighting patterns for customers to choose from, including steady-on. Lighting patterns can mean different things, such as warning drivers about a stationary hazard on the road. 
  • Types: In addition to offering various lighting patterns, these warning lights also come in a few interesting styles. Many of them include traditional, Strobe or LED Beacon Lights. Whether you’re towing a car or hauling heavy machinery, choose the right Beacon Light for the job. 
  • Applications: As mentioned before, these devices are popular in the trucking industry. They’re commonly used amongst several different types of truckers, such as long-haulers and tow truck drivers. These drivers use Beacon Lights for various job practices, some of which include loading and unloading procedures. 
  • Emergency Services: You’ve probably seen police squad cars and ambulance trucks use their flashing lights to get through traffic fast and in a hurry. These emergency responders also use Beacon Lights to request passage during life-saving situations. 
  • Industrial Safety: At a construction site, a utility truck hauling materials may turn on their Beacon Lights to help warn pedestrians, drivers, and workers to keep a safe distance. Mytee Products even has a Backup Alarm that truckers could use in conjunction with their Beacon Lights to warn people they’re moving in reverse.  
  • Transportation: As previously mentioned, truckers use these warning lights to keep traffic running smoothly during challenging road conditions. Our company’s 4" Round LED Stop, Tail and Turn Light For Trailer Chassis and 2.5" Round Amber LED Flange For Trailer Chassis Light can help prevent a fatal car accident from happening.   
  • Security: These warning lights also provide a high level of security on a job. Perhaps you’re working in an area with low visibility and can’t see a thing. Beacon Lights can provide you and your workers with a highly visible work area so you can complete your work. 
  • Maritime: Similar to promoting traffic control, these specialized lights also help marine ships convey various signals and messages to each other. They even come in various styles as well, such as buoy lights and navigation lights on vessels. 
  • Color Coding: While Beacon Lights come in several different styles, they also offer a variety of colors. They include amber, red, blue, and white, and oddly enough, green. Similar to its flash patterns, the color of the beacon’s light can also have different meanings. Amber lights are used for general warning and caution, while red and blue lights are used in the instance of an emergency. Mytee Products Roadside Strobe Light offers a number of color combinations, such as red/red, to help you meet your job’s needs. 
  • Regulations: There’s tons of reasons why Beacon Lights can be useful for truckers. It’s also against the law not to have warning lights mounted onto your truck. According to The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations, truckers must use the right style, color, and placement of Beacon Lights to ensure they’re being safe on the roads. Lucky for you, Mytee Products has you covered. Our Beacon Lights are all (DOT) compliant, which means less stress for you.   
  • Technological Advancements: Even better, numerous technology advancements have allowed Beacon Lights to provide better visibility and establish safer road conditions. Nowadays, these warning lights use solar panels to generate and conserve natural lighting, helping to protect the environment. Even some warning lights have built-in Smart Technology systems like remote monitoring. Our 21in Wireless Tow Light Bar has wireless control, allowing you to complete your hauling job faster and safer.

Overall, alarm lights make a trucker’s easier and a whole lot safer. In general, trucking can be a dangerous job, but using Beacon Lights can reduce the chance of an accident happening on the road. If your truck comes with a trailer, it’s especially important to use a Beacon Light to help navigate the roads in a safe manner.

By Mytee Products being a trusted trucking supplier, it’s almost criminal not to invest in their high-quality warning lights. Having everything from Minibar LED Strobe Lights, a Turn Signal Indicators to Rechargeable DOT Marker Light, our company will make sure you stay safe on your hauling job.

Questions & Answers

What Color Is A Beacon Light?

Beacon Lights actually come in a wide variety of colors, which include amber, white, red, blue, and even green. Their colors help truckers convey a number of messages and warnings to nearby drivers and pedestrians.

What Does A Beacon Light Mean?

A Beacon Light is a warning signal truckers use to alert other drivers that there’s a potential road hazard. Whenever you see these lights flashing or rotating on top of a truck, that means use caution when approaching.

How Do Beacon Lights Work?

These devices help truckers signal and warn other drivers to use caution. Their color and light patterns will depend on what purpose they serve. Red and blue lights usually mean there’s an emergency or you’re getting pulled over by the police.

What Is An Emergency Beacon Light?

Having Emergency Lights mounted on your truck is a must. These warning lights help you protect your co-workers at an on-site private location or any drivers passing by on a busy road. Though, they’re typically used by medical responders and police officers in emergency situations.