4 Ft Drop Lightweight Parachute Tarps

The smallest of our parachute/airbag drop tarps are the 4 footers. These lightweight tarps range in size from 16x27 ft to 28x17 ft and can weigh between 40 lbs to 53 lbs. They’re both durable and easier to handle. The parachute tarp shares all the same features as the 6ft and 8ft versions. Though the only differences are that they have an end flap, they come in two-tone colors and we offer them in both Ultra-Light and Heavy Duty styles. Similar to many of the tarps we offer, the 4ft Parachute Drop Tarp can be used to secure and protect cargo from damage or inclement weather.

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2 Items

  1. Airbag / Parachute Fabric UltraLight Lumber Tarp 16x27 (4' Drop) - Black
    As low as $214.99
  2. Airbag / Parachute Fabric Heavy Duty 14oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' - Black
    As low as $222.99
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Lightweight 4 ft Drop Tarps for Sale

For instance, the airbag/parachute fabric heavy-duty 14oz Steel Tarp 16x27 ft comes in the colors black and white. Additionally, this particular 4ft drop tarp is made out of silicone-coated nylon Oxford. This material offers superior tear strength at a much lighter weight compared to Vinyl. As the name suggests, we sell parachute steel tarps as well. Once you buy a 4ft Airbag Drop Tarp, you won’t want any other tap.