Snow Tire Chains

Tire chains are an indispensable tool for winter driving. As an experienced flatbed trucker, you know that there are some jurisdictions around the country that mandate the use of chains under certain weather conditions. Do not get caught waiting at a chain bank until another trucker comes down the road with a set you can use. Buy your own heavy-duty tire chains to continuously prepare.

All our snow tire chains come from a well-known manufacturer and are constructed with the trucker's safety in mind. We have both twist and square link chains for you to choose from. You can purchase singles and doubles steel twist link tire chains. Not having snow tire chains on board during winter is asking for trouble. Don't tempt fate. Instead, buy your truck and trailer tire chains from Mytee Products and be ready for the driving in snow.

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14 Items

  1. Heavy-Duty Truck Tire Chains for Snow - Set of 2 - 22.5" Tire Chains - DOT Approved
    Regular Price $284.99
    Special Price $249.99
  2. Twist Link Tire Chain - Double For 24.5" tires (Set of 2)
    Regular Price $294.99
    Special Price $185.99
  3. Pewag Square Link Tire Chain - Double For 22.5" tires (Set of 2) - Made in USA
    As low as $579.99
  4. Pewag Square Link Tire Chain - Double For 24.5" tires (Set of 2) - Made in USA
    As low as $659.99
  5. 6 Arms Rubber Spider Bungee for Truck Chains - Sold in Pairs
    As low as $12.99
  6. (1 Pair) AutoSock Snow Socks for Truck Tires w/ Hand Gloves
  7. Buddy Bar Tire Chain Wrench
  8. Twist Link Tire Chain - Single For 22.5" tires (Set of 2)
    Regular Price $124.99
    Special Price $84.49
  9. Twist Link Tire Chain - Single For 24.5" tires (Set of 2)
    As low as $125.99
  10. Pewag Square Link Tire Chain - Single For 22.5" tires (Set of 2) - Made in USA
    As low as $284.99
  11. Lockable Tire Chain Carrier
    As low as $154.99
  12. pewag Square Link Tire Chain - Single For 24.5" tires (Set of 2)
    As low as $324.99
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Basics of Tire Chains Basics and Regulation?

Tire chains also called snow chains, are chain-linked “nets” that fit snugly around the car or truck tires. They increase a tire’s traction against icy surfaces and improve a truck’s ability to break successfully on ice.

Truck tire chains are mandatory in some winter conditions, while in other conditions they’re recommended but technically optional, according to the Department of Transportation. The specifics differ from state to state, so investigate the laws in the states you’re traveling through. The province of British Columbia and the states of California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Wyoming collaborated on this guide to tire chain laws in the Northwest.

Put Snow Chains on Tires to Winter Truck Drive?

  • First, know what type of snow tire chains you’re using. Most snow chains are strictly designed for driving on highways.
  • Then, make sure your chains fit your tires. Even if they seem to be the same size, it’s wise to fit them and practice driving with them for the first time in non-winter conditions.
  • Check the chains for slack. If they aren’t tight enough, make adjustments with the cam-style side chains. Alternatively, you can use bungee straps to create tension and take up the extra slack in the snow chains.
  • When you’re using tire chains, drive slowly.
  • In the multi-state truck tire chain guide linked to earlier, the DOT in those states prohibits driving faster than 50 km/hour (31 mph) while you’re using snow chains.
  • Driving too fast can distress even the best tire chains, and it’s highly dangerous if snow chains break apart on the road.
  • Once you’re on the dry road again, remove the tire chains to avoid over-stressing them.

Available Tire Chains Sizes

Our square link and twist link tire chains both come in two size options:

  • 22.5”
  • 24.5”

Choose the size that matches the rim diameter printed on the side of your tire.

Square-link tire chains last longer and are more durable than twist-link chains, and twist-link truck tire chains are more affordable.

Accessories for Tire Chains

Lockable Tire Chain Carrier

Tire Chain Carrier is a useful, convenient accessory when you’re traveling in cold weather. Our lockable tire chain carrier has a hinged, aluminum diamond plate cover, and it’s designed for easy plate mounting.

Bud-T-Bar Tire Chain Wrench

Buddy Bar Tire Chain Wrench is a must-have accessory to properly install snow chains on the tire. This product is designed by a truck driver who understands the demands that a tire wrench must meet.

High-Quality and Reliable Mytee Products’ Tire Chains

Yes. Our tire chains are made of durable carbon steel or premium alloy steel. Our twist-link snow chains are coated with rust-resistant zinc. If you have any questions or need something you don’t see here, don’t hesitate to contact us at either 1-888-705-8277 or by email at [email protected].