Truck Tool Boxes

For most truckers, carrying a lot of different items in their cabs is integral to making life on the road more comfortable and keeping the wheels turning. Though, you need a place to store all these supplies and keep your cab clean and organized. So aluminum tool boxes are an essential part of a trucker's life! Mytee Products carries a complete selection of aluminum truck tool boxes in multiple sizes and configurations. We also carry aluminum step boxes for semi-trucks and the mounting brackets you will need to attach to your rig. You do not need to shop anywhere else for the best truck tool boxes and accessories.

Aluminum is the ideal material for flatbed tool boxes because it is more than sturdy enough to withstand abuse and weather, yet still lightweight compared to other materials. You need a product that will keep your supplies safe and secure but can still withstand sharp turns and harsh breaks. Aluminum truck tool boxes are a perfect fit for these reasons. Additionally, our truck bed storage boxes are made with 8-GA aluminum and solid welded seams for maximum protection year-round and in any weather. It doesn’t matter when or where you use them, truck bed tool boxes will survive in the hottest summers, coldest winters, and wettest environments!

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14 Items

  1. Trailer Tool Box Double Door Barndoor Style Aluminum Mirror Finish w/ Paddle Lock
  2. Mirror Finish Trailer Tool Box Single Door, Barndoor Style
  3. Black Truck Tool Box with Double Barn Door Style and Paddle Lock - 24” H x 24” D x 60" W Mirror Finish
    As low as $680.00
  4. Truck Saddle Tool Box - Open Wide Aluminum Step Box Design
  5. Truck Saddle Tool Box 24.5" x 28.4" x 12" - Steel Mirror Finish w/ Black Powder Coat
    Regular Price $339.99
    Special Price $299.99
  6. Mounting Brackets Tow Truck Rollback Trailer Underbody Tool Box
  7. Stainless Steel T-Lock for Toolboxes
    As low as $12.99
  8. Trailer Toolbox Whale Tail Black Powder Coated Latch w/ Chrome Paddle. w/ 2 keyed alike Keys
    As low as $26.19
  9. Replacement Door for Trailer Tool Box w/ Fasteners & Hinges
  10. Replacement Paddlelock w/ Fasteners for Toolboxes
  11. 12"x12" Anti-Slip Self-Drainage Interlocking Mats
  12. Dri-Dek 1'x1' Self-Draining Interlocking Tiles
  13. Aluminum Underbody Mounted Trailer Tool Box w/ Paddle Lock & Double Door - 24" X 24" X 60"
    As low as $674.99
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What are Truck Tool Boxes?

When you're on the road, your truck will become your second home. You have tools, securement supplies, and other belongings you carry with you that you need to store safely - however,  you must be careful that these supplies and their storage don’t take up too much space when kept in the cab of your truck. You can’t be comfortable in a cluttered cab!

When you attach a trailer storage box under your flatbed, on the tongue of your trailer, or mounted elsewhere on your truck, you’re creating more space while keeping the supplies you need secure. A lot of truckers often opt for the topside tool boxes or the side mount tool box; both options keep supplies out of the way but still easily accessible!

At Mytee Products, we're proud to offer a wide selection of in-bed tool boxes, including trailer step boxes, gooseneck tool boxes, and utility trailer tool boxes for both semi- and flatbed trailer trucks. If you're in the market for a new truck tool box, you've come to the right place!

How to Use Truck Tool Boxes?

Trailer tool boxes can be used after mounting and attaching them to the back or underside of your truck. Use truck storage boxes to store the equipment you use to secure your loads, including tarps and winch straps. You can also store repair kits, spare parts, and any other tool or piece of equipment you might need on the road. Depending on the size of the in-bed tool box you choose, you can hold a variety of tools and supplies to keep handy within your cab; this includes supplies that do not connect directly to trucking! Food, hygiene, gloves, clothes, any variety of items tied to your health and wellness can be stored safely in your cab, separate from your work supplies.

Where can I Use Truck Tool Boxes?

You can mount your truck bed tool box on the tongue of your flatbed or semi-trailer. Topside tool boxes and side mount tool boxes are both popular and common options as well! You can attach storage boxes under your trailer. Our step box storage units play double-duty as tool boxes and steps to navigate gooseneck and multi-level trailers.

What are the Benefits Using of Truck Storage Boxes?

At Mytee Products, we’re committing to giving you high-quality products for less!

Whether you’re looking for a tool box for your gooseneck trailer, v nose trailer, flatbed, or semi, getting one of our steel boxes means you’re getting more for your money, and the proud owner of the best truck steel tool box on the market!

Mytee Products step boxes and aluminum diamond plate tool boxes are:


  • Durable: With reinforced stainless steel door spines, 8 – GA aluminum, and solid welded seams, our trailer storage boxes are built to last.
  • Easy to secure: We offer a variety of mounting brackets and other securement options compatible with our truck bed tool boxes.
  • Spacious: Find the size that suits your needs! We are having various options in terms of sizes to ensure your truck bed tool box fits like a glove in your truck cab!
  • Easy to maintain:  Aluminum and stainless steel are stain-resistant and easy to wash after long trips!


What are Truck and Trailer Tool Box Options?

Our wide selection of truck storage boxes lets you choose what size and materials work best for you.

Material Options:

Our under flatbed tool boxes and mounted storage boxes come in the following materials:

  • Aluminum storage boxes
  • Stainless steel boxes

Tool Box Size Options:

Our under flatbed Aluminum tool boxes and mounted storage boxes come in the following sizes:

  • 18”(H) X 18”(D) X 24"(W)
  • 18”(H) X 18”(D) X 36"(W)
  • 18”(H) X 18”(D) X 48"(W)
  • 18”(H) X 18”(D) X 60"(W)
  • 24”(H) X 24”(D) X 48"(W)
  • 24”(H) X 24”(D) X 60"(W)
  • 24”(H) X 24”(D) X 72"(W)

Our premium step boxes are designed with our unique open-wide design, so you can carry a wider load.

Step boxes come in the following sizes:

  • 24.5" x 28.4" x 12"
  • 24.5" X 28.4" X 18"
  • 24.5" X 28.4" X 24"
  • 24.5" x 28.4" x 30"

Truckers have a lot of important things to carry on your truck – including tools, tarps, and straps – so make sure everything is safe and secure in a tough, aluminum truck tool box from Mytee Products. Please give us a call if you need a custom size and we would be happy to help you.