Tarp Repair Kits

Tarp Repair Kits

We know how valuable truck tarps are to your livelihood. Let's face it; tarps are one of the most valuable tools you carry on your truck. So when one develops a small tear, you want to get it patched up as quickly as possible so that it doesn't become a major problem. That's why Mytee Products also carries truck tarp repair kits and supplies – just what you need to extend tarp life. Our tarp repair supplies include repair tape, vinyl cement, coated polyester fabric, grommets, and vinyl tarp repair kits. If you are looking for a tarp stencil kit to mark your tarps with your own company name, we have that covered as well. You are buying your truck tarps here at Mytee Products; why not let us supply you with your truck tarp repair kits, tape, grommets, and supplies as well? A small investment in tarp repair can pay off big by keeping your tarps in service longer.

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  2. Vinyl Tarp Repair Kit
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  3. Tarp Stencil Kit
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Brief about Tarp Repair Kits

Tarp repair kits are a family of tools, including vinyl repair tape, industrial tape, vinyl cement, vinyl coated polyester fabric, tarp cleaner, and grommet replacement.

Tarp repair kits are specifically to repair torn or damaged 18 oz vinyl and 14 oz vinyl tarps, like lumber traps, steel tarps, steel coil tarps, roll tarps, and machinery tarps. Tarp repair kits aren’t designed to fix canvas tarps or tarps made of materials other than vinyl, like polyurethane.

Requirement of Tarp Repair Kits on Hand

While it’s clear how sharp-edged loads like steel and certain machine parts could damage your tarp, the truth is your tarps could get inadvertently damaged at any time.

Minor accidents, stormy weather, and even mishaps while storing your tarp can all lead to accidental tarp damage. Fortunately, if you have a repair kit on hand, accidental tarp damage will be nothing more than a small bump in the road.

When should I repair my tarps?

Repair your tarps as soon as you see a small degree of damage. A tiny rip, hole, or frayed edge can be easily fixed. But, if left unchecked, these small spots of damage can metasize into big problems—problems that require much more costly repairs to fix, or even serious enough damage that you’ll have to replace your tarp altogether.

How to Use Tarp Repair Kits to Repair Lumber or Steel Tarp?

Vinyl Repair Tape

  • The easiest way to repair your tarp is to use the tarp repair tape. Use the tape by cutting off a piece and sticking it over the hole or rip in your tarp, or fold it over the frayed edge.
  • At Mytee, our repair tape is uniquely formulated to form a strong bond with vinyl that grows even stronger over time.
  • This bond covers the damage and seals it, so you’re good to go.

Vinyl-Coated Fabric and Adhesive

  • The second option is to use the adhesive and the vinyl covered fabric together before, you begin to clean off the damaged section of your tarp using the tarp cleaner.
  • Then, cut out a large enough square of vinyl-coated fabric to cover the damage to your tarp.
  • Apply the adhesive to the back of the fabric square and to the part of the tarp you want the fabric square to adhere to.
  • Finally, press the vinyl-coated fabric square over the damaged section of the tarp.
  • You can also use these vinyl tarp repair kits to replace the grommets in your tarp and to clean your tarp.

Grommet Replacement

The grommet replacement kit comes with a hole cutter, cutting block, inserting punch and die, as well as twelve replacement grommets. The grommet replacement kit includes detailed instructions on how to remove the damaged grommet and attach a new one.

What Makes Mytee’s Tarp Repair Kits Stand Out?

Mytee’s tarp repair kits give you a range of tarp repair options, have high-quality materials, and are affordably priced.