Weld On Winches

Flatbed truckers may get tasked with carrying out an extreme job. At Mytee Products, our Weld-On Winches can tackle any difficult cargo hauling. These cargo control winches can be welded onto just about any flatbed trailer, including a Removable Gooseneck trailer. We sell two styles of Weld-On Winches, the Ratcheting and Standard styles.

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Why You Need Weld-On Winches

Weld-On Winches can be used for various heavy-duty jobs, such as hauling vehicles. Truckers mount the weld-on truck tie-down winch onto the back of their truck.

While these winches provide a much more permanent secure tie-down point for your cargo, they don’t offer the same versatility as sliding winches. Here are two styles of truck tie-down winches we offer:

  • Ratchet Style: Measuring 5” high, 3.5” Deep, and 7 7/8” wide, this Weld-On-Winch has a WLL of 5,500 lbs and can hold up to 4 in. X 30 ft. Strap. Saving the best feature for last, the weld-on ratchet winch comes equipped with 13-tooth gear.
  • Standard Style: Though, if you are looking to keep things simple, just stick with Mytee Products’ Standard Weld-On-Winch. Similar to the ratcheting style, this weld-on strap winch has a WLL of 5,500 lbs and can hold straps that are 2”, 3”, to 4”.

Purchase Our Weld-On-Winches Today

Our Weld-On Winches make a life for any trucker easier. Even better, they’re manufactured at the highest level of craftsmanship and sold at an affordable price. Whatever you need, we have it.