3 Piece Lumber Tarps

Popular amongst step-deck truckers, the 3 piece lumber tarps come in handy when you want to make your flatbed trailer more versatile. This particular tarp system has three individual pieces that come small and weigh less than the other lumber tarps. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight design though. This flatbed tarp’s heavy-duty fabric is just as powerful as an 18oz vinyl at 25% lesser weight.

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Heavy-Duty and Lightweight 3-Piece Tarps Options

This strongest lumber tarp is made out of parachute material. This cargo securement tool ranges in drop heights from 6ft to 10ft, weighs anywhere from 130 lbs to 242 lbs, ranges in size lengths from 20x18 ft to 28x28 ft, and features 3 to 4 rows of D-Ring boxes stitched into the fabric.

Step-deck truckers love the 3 piece lumber tarps due to their versatile uses. If they decide to load up the bottom deck of their truck, they can get away with using only two tarps. This way, if they aren’t utilizing their whole flatbed trailer, they can just remove the two tarps. Less work means an easier job. Be sure to shop our online inventory for 3-piece lumber tarps.