Ladders and Steps

Ladders and Steps

What are ladders and steps in the world of flatbed trucking?

Ladders and steps are portable equipment that let you access the trailer, cab, or second raised platform of your truck bed more readily.

How can ladders and steps help me?

Steel or aluminum ladders can help you easily climb from the ground to your trailer or from the lower platform on a step-trailer to the higher platform. You can reduce the strain on your back if you load cargo by carrying it up the steps or ladder to the truck bed rather than lifting it straight up from the ground.

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How to store and attach ladders or steps safely?

Different types of ladders and steps have different attachment points. They might anchor to the rub rail or stakes pockets on your trailer, they might be designed to mount under your trailer, or they may come with weld-on or bolt-on steel brackets for permanent placement.

You can still use steps designed to be compatible with a rub rail if you don’t have one, so long as you buy a bolt on accessory.

OSHA has this great guide to storing and attaching all kinds of ladders safely. Some of their tips include:


  • Inspect the ladder before setting it up. Damaged ladders must not be used.
  • Never place ladders on objects...or other non-stable bases to gain additional height or to level the ladder.
  • Verify on articulated ladders that all locking hinges are fully engaged before use.


Types of Step Products

Mytee offers four foldable ladder and step ladder options.

1. Pull-out trailer step ladder - This pull-out trailer step ladder has either two or three rungs. The steps easily fold away when you’re not using them. It is also known as retractable step ladder.

2. Military grade aluminum folding step ladder - Aluminum folding step tool has high-traction rungs to prevent slipping if the steps get wet, caster wheels on the bottom so it can pivot when it needs to, and a 375 lb weight capacity. This folding step ladder attaches to the rub rail on your trailer.

3. Ancra trailer access steps - Ancra trailer access steps come in 2-step and 3-step models, and are made either from galvanized steel or yellow powder coated steel. They can be welded under the trailer floor.

4. Heavy duty die cast folding step - This die cast folding step bolt-on, single aluminum step has steel springs that keep the step firmly open or closed as you need it.

About Mytee’s ladders and steps

As always, Mytee wants you to haul safe and earn more. All of our steps are made of resilient, high-quality materials without gouging you on the price. Affordable steps and ladders are an important part of keeping you safe while you haul.