3 Piece Lightweight Parachute Tarps

When it comes to ordering the best parachute drop tarp around, truckers should definitely invest in the 3 piece lightweight and heavy-duty styles. These versatile and lightweight tarps can make cargo securement feel like a breeze. It’s no wonder step-deckers love the versatility of a 3 piece parachute drop tarp for their cargo securement. Whether they’re using the top or lower deck, makes no difference. They can choose to use all three or only two to cover their entire load. In most respects, they share similarities with the 8ft, 6ft, and 4ft parachute drop tarps.

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  1. (3 Pcs) Black Airbag/Parachute Tarp for Flatbed - 14 Oz Vinyl on Top & 6' Drop w/ 20' x 20' End Piece & 20' x 18' Mid Piece
    As low as $636.49
  2. 3 Pcs) 24' x 18' Black Airbag/Parachute Tarp for Flatbed - 14 Oz Vinyl on Top & 8' Drop
    As low as $721.99
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3 Piece Lightweight Tarps for Sale

Though, they do feature settle differences such as the fact that the range weight sizes from 124 lbs to 133 lbs. Additionally, our 3-piece lightweight parachute tarps lengths vary between 20x18 ft to 24x18 ft. Even better, these parachute tarps come in all-black coloring. In the end, you can’t go wrong with these 3 piece lightweight parachute tarps.