Vehicle Loading Skates & Accessories

Vehicle loading is a normal part of the tow truck operator's daily job. Without the right tools though, it can be a nightmare. That's why Mytee Products is proud to carry our brand-new line of vehicle-loading accessories. Each of these products is designed to do the job right and last for years even under the most punishing conditions.

Are you looking for car dolly skates? We have them. Are you in need of hydraulic positioning or rolling car jacks? That's covered too. Our selection of vehicle-loading accessories currently includes more than half-a-dozen products critical to safe vehicle loading. We intend to continue expanding this category over time.

As always, our vehicle loading accessories are backed by our reputation for uncompromising quality and fair pricing. Each of the products in this category has its own dedicated page complete with detailed information. It is our goal to make sure you make an informed decision before you purchase any car skates, hydraulic positioning jacks, and vehicle-loading accessories from us. So take advantage of product pages before you buy. Should you have any questions, feel free to ask.

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7 Items

  1. Tire Skates
  2. ITI Starter Ramps
  3. ITI Control Arm Skate
  4. ITI™ Container Skates with Plug
  5. Stand For 4 Car Dolly Skates
    As low as $18.99
  6. Hydraulic Vehicle Positioning Jacks of 1500 lbs Capacity - Set of 2
    As low as $189.99
  7. Wheel Dolly Storage Stand for Vehicle Positioning Jacks - Fits 4 Jacks
    As low as $39.99
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Meaning of Vehicle Loading Skates

Vehicle loading skates are also called tire skates, car skates, load skates (or load moving skates), or car dolly skates.

Vehicle loading skates might be made of heavy duty plastic, recycled plastic, or diamond tread steel. Some skates have wheels, while others have a flat, smooth, low-friction surface on the bottom.

These skates are used to move cars or other vehicles when the wheels of the car won’t turn. Dragging a car that’s stuck in park in order to tow it will ruin the car’s transmission and may even wreck the frame. But if a wrecked car is in park, it’s in park!

Tire skates are the best way to move a stationary vehicle when you can’t simply roll it along in neutral.

To use car dolly skates, first use a car jack to elevate the car slightly off the ground. Then, place the four loading skates directly under each wheel and lower the car down onto them.

Once the car is on the skates, it’s safe to tow by attaching the towing cable to the car’s frame with a hook and pulling it. Alternatively, a vehicle that’s loaded onto car dolly skates is easier to push to the location you need, the way people push cars that are in neutral.

Useful Accessories for Loading Vehicle

In addition to the vehicle loading skates themselves, there are some useful accessories that can help you while you tow or haul cars. These include:

Aluminum Wheel Chocks:

Wheel chocks help hold a car in place, preventing it from accidentally rolling or sliding. Aluminum wheel chocks are sometimes used on vehicles that have been loaded into a car carrier trailer.

Hydraulic Positioning Jacks:

This is a specialized type of car jack that is both able to lift a vehicle (so you can place car dollies underneath it or examine the underside of the car) and also lets you move the car precisely, so you can manuver around tight spaces or hazards.

ITI Starter Ramps:

These starter ramps make it easier to load and unload small cars.

ITI Control Arm Skate:

A control arm skate can be used in place of a tire when you’re moving or loading a car. This arm skate can be placed directly under a car’s trailer axle, a broken axle end, ball joints, or a rim, which empowers you to easily move and load a car when one of the car’s tires has been stolen, damaged, or broken off.

Container Skates with Plugs:

Container skates empower you to slide shipping containers to move and load them more easily. If you lift the shipping container with a jack, you can easily fit the plug of the skate into the holes on the standard ends of the shipping container.

The Key Features of Car Skates and Vehicle Loading Accessories?

The entire car dolly skates and accessories have unique features.

The key features of car skate dollies

  • 1500 lb weight capacity per wheel
  • No-slip diamond treads
  • Includes a locking break for stability
  • Includes carrying handle

The key features of the hydraulic positioning jacks

  • 1500 lb weight capacity per jack
  • Lifts vehicle by the tire, not the frame
  • Made of high grade steel

The key features of the ITI control arm skate and the ITI container skates

  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Grease resistant
  • 12,000 lb weight capacity

The key features of aluminum wheel chocks

  • Lightweight
  • Crush factor of 55,000 lbs or higher
  • Serrated teeth give double gripping power

The key features of the ITI starter ramp

  • Made of recycled plastic
  • For low profile cars

What sets Mytee’s Vehicle Loading Skates & Accessories Apart?

Mytee Products never wastes money on a middleman, so we can pass the savings on to you. All of our car tire skates, hydraulic dollies, and other accessories are high quality and durable, yet each product is cost-effective.

Auto-hauling and towing has never been easier. With our affordable products, you can always haul safe and earn more.