Bee Hauling Tarps

Hauling beehives is as much about the skill of the driver as it is the raw power of the truck. You have to be extremely careful with hives so as not to damage them or upset the bees. As such, a driver's tarping solution is critical to successful bee hauling. It is best to use purpose-designed bee hauling tarps.

We sell a variety of bee hauling tarps in different sizes and configurations. What makes these tarps so unique? They are designed to be more like nets than solid tarps. Made of PVC coated mesh, a good bee hauling tarp allows air and moisture to pass through. This allows the hives to get the necessary ventilation they need during transport. At the same time, our bee net tarps are tough enough to withstand life on the road.

Bee hauling tarps are also used as nursery tarps when transporting trees, shrubs, and other similar items. You should have at least a couple of bee net tarps in your toolbox if you frequently haul bee or nursery loads.

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What are Bee Hauling Tarps?

Bee hauling tarps are unique among truck tarps: they’re the only tarps designed specifically to protect living cargo during transport.

Bee hauling tarps are sometimes called bee nets because, unlike a solid vinyl covering, these tarps are made of a durable PVC-coated mesh that allows air and water through.

Like other kinds of truck tarps, bee hauling tarps are used to cover and secure a load on a flatbed trailer in order to haul it. They can also be used to secure trees and other botanical cargo for safe transport. That’s why you’ll sometimes hear people refer to PVC mesh tarps as nursery tarps.

How Bee Hauling Tarps Work?

Typically, bees are transported in order to repopulate collapsed or deceased bee colonies that we need to pollinate important, large-scale crops. An average load contains 25 million bees. A bee hauler needs to do three things for the hives:

  • Cool off the bees to prevent them from overheating
  • Feed the bees
  • Make sure the bees don’t escape

Bee haulers cool beehives by installing reefers or sprinkler systems that connect to the underside of the trailer. To this end, bee hauling tarps work by being breathable enough to allow the water droplets or smoke vapor through, to keep heat from building up under the cover.

To prevent the bees from overheating, most haulers choose to only transport bees at night, when it's cooler.

Bees are fed with sugar syrup dispensers, or haulers can periodically feed them manually. Bee nets work to allow the sugar water to penetrate the bees’ space.

Bees are kept from escaping because they’re too big to fit through the mesh when the tarp is properly secured.

How to Use Bee Hauling Tarps Successfully?

  • Make sure your bee hauling tarps are completely secured.
  • Our bee nets have four rows of D-rings so you can secure the tarps precisely, from many points. That way, you can close any gaps that bees might escape through.
  • Using as many of the 96 anchor points as you need also decreases the amount of tension (force) you need to use to tightly secure the bees.
  • By spreading the tension out, you keep the bees or other fragile living cargo from being crushed.
  • You can secure the bee hauling tarp with bungee straps, winch straps, or ratchet straps - which aren’t the straps stretched over the whole load to tie the cargo itself down to the trailer.
  • These are just the straps used for securing the tarp to prevent any of it from getting loose.

Key Benefits of Bee Hauling Tarps At the Time of Transporting Bees?

Bee hauling tarps are designed to be specifically compatible with bees and the other tools you need to keep them safe.

  • Easily to Cool the Bees:

    The breathable mesh lets you easily cool the bees with a sprinkler or reefer
  • Sugar Water Droplets:

    Likewise, the mesh lets in the sugar water droplets that the bees eat during the trip.
  • Secure the Tarps Precisely:

    The many reinforced anchor points let you secure the tarps precisely so bees don’t escape through gaps or loose flaps.
  • Spread Out the Tension:

    The many anchor points also spread out the tension so the securing force doesn’t crush the hives.

How Mytee’s Bee Hauling Tarps are Superior then Others?

At Mytee, we have a variety of quality bee hauling tarps for sale. If you need a tarp in a unique size, we will customize one for you!

To order a custom bee hauling tarp, call us at 1-888-705-8277