Forklift Lifting Attachments

Forklift attachments help load, unload, lift, or transport extremely heavy items throughout a facility. It helps to the ins and outs of operating heavy machines, in particular, forklift truck attachments improve the capabilities of your tow motor. These parts are essential in helping your truck handle various types of loads. Here at Mytee Products we sell a wide variety of forklift truck accessories, such as forklift booms and push or pull attachments.

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  1. Fork Truck Hook Beam Fixed and Swivel
  2. Fork Truck Swivel Hook
  3. Telescoping Fork Truck Boom
  4. Telescoping Pivot Fork Truck Boom
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Forklift Attachments And Hardware

Forklift Truck Attachments can transform your forklift truck into the perfect industrial machine. These attachment parts can either be fork extensions, side shifters, clamps, rotators, push or pull attachments, fork positioners, carpet poles, or scales. These fork truck attachments are designed to give your forklift the ability to handle any load with ease.

Choosing the right equipment to use for your tow motor, comes down to the type of load you’re lifting and the industry you’re working in. For instance, Forklift Extensions allow workers to perform their work at high altitudes. These rigging parts will make your tow motor capable of any and every lifting job. Here at Mytee Products we specialize in and sell forklift accessories such as Pivot Fork Truck Boom and Forklift Swivel Hooks.

Forklift Attachments Are Available At Mytee Products

While Forklifts can handle a wide range of jobs, their additional parts and accessories make them all the more versatile. Our company makes sure that workers like you have everything you need to make your forklift job all the more efficient and easier. We make forklift products that are safe and built to last for years to come. Here are the forklift attachments we offer:

  • Hook Beam Fixed And Swivel: First on our list, comes the Hook Beam Fixed & Swivel attachment. These forklift accessories are built to lift and carry loads on the two forks of a tow motor using a single latched or fixed swivel hook. It’s a must-have for any tow motor trucker. Furthermore, this attachment weighs anywhere from 2 to 15 tons, has an outside spread ranging from 20 to 36 inches, and has a lead time of 10 days. It’s proof-tested at 125% capacity, meaning that it’s safe to use and will protect your loads. We also offer the Hook Beam Fixed & Swivel in a variety of sizes and capabilities, such as our model that has a WLL of 15-ton x 36” Outside Spread. 

  • Swivel Hook: Similarly, the Fork Truck Swivel Hook can make loading and lifting your materials easier using a swivel hook. The hooks can be easily attached to the forks as well, which only makes your job easier. Like the Hook Beam Fixed and Swivel accessories, these forklift hook attachments are also proof-tested to 125% capacity. Though, they do have some differences. They typically weigh 1 ½ tons and have a lead time of 2 days. Do keep in mind that they have varying WLL and sizes as well, which include a 1  1/2 Ton Fork Truck Swivel Hook attachment with a 6" Inside Beam Width.     

  • Pivot Fork Truck Boom: This forklift rigging attachment uses a telescoping pivot boom and locking pin to help handle your load. The feature allows for several different hook positions. Additionally, the Pivot Fork Truck Boom comes equipped with a restraining chain, a grab hook, and an attached handle. In greater detail, this attachment has a 12’ maximum boom reach and comes with either a swivel or hooks. It can also be extended to 6’4” and has a lead time of 6 weeks. Clearly, this rigging attachment packs a lot of power.  

  • Fork Truck Boom: Lastly, these types of fork truck attachments have a telescoping boom mechanism as well which makes them great at lifting and carrying your materials. The Fork Truck Boom offers many of the same features as the Pivot version as well. Though, keep in mind that it weighs between 1,500 to 3,100 lbs. Our product is 100% proof-tested at 125% capacity, making this an ideal forklift attachment to have in your storage. These forklift accessories will make any lifting job easier.

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Our company makes sure we have every product you’ll ever need for your forklift job. Our attachments and hardware are made with a high level of craftsmanship. Even better, they’re sold at affordable prices that you won’t find anywhere else.