Moving Blankets and Pads

Utilizing moving blankets to prevent cargo damage by wrapping valuables to make a thick protective covering. There’s no such thing as having too much protective gear to secure your cargo, sometimes better to have more. Truckers or movers can utilize moving blankets to prevent cargo damage while in transit. These heavy-duty packing blankets especially protect against the sharp edges of any type of material you may be hauling or moving. At Mytee Products we have several types of moving blankets on sale, as well as pads and other moving supplies to suit all of your trucking and moving needs

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14 Items

  1. Moving Pads / Filler Pads
  2. Moving & Packing Non-Woven Blankets - 80" x 72" (40lbs/dz)
    As low as $48.99
  3. Economy Moving Blankets
  4. Mytee Products Refrigerator Cover - Moving Storage Pad
    As low as $39.99
  5. Sound Dampening Blanket - Black, Woven Cotton/Polyester
  6. Premium Woven Moving Blankets
  7. Pre-Tarp Felt Blankets to Protect Loads & Tarps - Black
  8. Black Quilted Washer & Dryer Cover for Movers & Storage
    As low as $34.99
  9. Black Quilted Sofa & Couch Covers for Moving & Storage
    As low as $59.99
  10. Black Quilted Padded Door Covers w/ Jamb Protector Pad
  11. Black Quilted Door Jamb Protector Pad w/ Hook & Loop Straps
    As low as $19.99
  12. Black Quilted & Padded Door Covers for Moving
    As low as $17.99
  13. Black Quilted Loveseat Cover for Moving & Storage
    As low as $39.99
  14. Quilted Chair Cover for Moving & Storage - Black
    As low as $34.99
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Our High Quality Moving Blankets

Our Moving Blankets can provide that extra level of protection needed to secure your cargo. They reduce cargo damage with their thick protective covering, keeping your materials or furniture safe from abrasions during transit. Majorly made of durable types of fabric, our heavy-duty moving blankets are a trucker’s best friend. The ways in which packing blanket’s quality can be determined comes down to three main distinctions; fabric, weight and the material used for binding. Additionally, they’re ideal for items placed in storage and provide a layer of soft protection, using other hardware accessories like cargo tie-downs or chain binders.

Blanket’s Fabric

When it comes to choosing the right type of moving pads, it helps to know the blanket’s fabric. Here are the three different types of blanket fabric we offer:

  • Woven Polyester: Our Moving Pads made of Woven Polyester usually come very durable and are tear resistant, given their construction. Moving blankets using this type of material contain long ploy fibers that are intertwined, creating a very strong piece of fabric. There’s no doubt on whether or not they can satisfy all your moving needs.
  • Non-Woven Polyester: Also considered economy shipping blankets, this style is made out of non-woven polyester. Furthermore, these types of heavy-duty moving blankets use long synthetic fibers that are combined together through pressure, heat, chemical, or solvent processes. Making them all the more impressive, their construction makes them pretty much invincible to tears and snags.
  • Cotton: On the other hand, this style offers the highest standard of protection and durability. Its cotton fiber construction provides a softer touch. More importantly, its cotton fibers have a thickness that provides superior padding and creates better securement than a blanket made out of polyester. Additionally, blankets made out of cotton can also be washed and can protect fragile cargo, such as antiques or framed paintings.

Weight Of A Moving Blanket

Apart from fabric, a moving blanket’s quality can also be determined by its weight. The more weight a blanket has, the higher quality it’ll tend to be. Interestingly enough, some moving pads come equipped with thicker batting or use heavier fabric to make them more resistant to shock and vibration during transit. In other words, these premium quality moving blankets will protect your materials no matter what.

Moving Blankets We Offer at Mytee Products

Fortunately, at Mytee Products we offer a wide assortment of packing blankets for sale. These heavy-duty cargo blankets can make sure your furniture or materials stay secure throughout the entire transit. Check out our inventory below:  

  • Economy Moving Blankets: First on our list comes Economy Moving Blankets. These packing blankets are usually made from unwoven polyester fabric. At just 6 lbs, they’re heavier and more shock-absorbent than even the thinnest moving pads. However, they’re not as durable or long-lasting as the higher-quality versions. Though, that doesn’t mean they can’t still protect your furniture or other materials at an optimal level.
  • Premium Woven Moving Blankets: As the name suggests, these lightweight packing blankets are constructed out of tightly-woven polyester fabric and absorb shockwaves from the truck. Furthermore, these types of blanket contain long poly fibers tightly woven to create a more durable piece of material. Even better, they can be washed.
  • Moving & Packing Non-Woven Blankets: The third choice for fabric of Moving Blankets, are non-woven blankets. Otherwise known as synthetic material blankets, more people are starting to use these packing blankets due to their affordability, and the fact that they offer protection. Unfortunately, these blankets tear easily and can be costly to replace, due to the synthetic material. They’re more practical to use as storage pads, where they’ll supply great coverage.
  • Moving Pads / Filler Pads: Filler or furniture moving pads are often the material found inside moving blankets. They are designed with a sharp, zig-zag chevron pattern that makes them more tear-resistant and retain their structure. Moving Pads are made out of non-woven, polyester fabric and are ideal for light-duty moves. While they are a cheaper option than Moving Blankets, they tend to be less durable and will tear easily. They’re ideal for protecting your furniture or valuables.

Moving Protective Gears

Moving blankets are more useful with their added moving supplies and accessories. Here at Mytee Products, we offer everything from ratchet straps to moving straps and even quilted covers. Each of these key pieces of hardware provides a more secure hold over your large material and won’t leave behind a sticky residue like tape will. 

These additional products can mimic the shape of any specific kind of furniture, such as a couch or refrigerator. No matter what, these accessories will make moving and transporting large cargo feel like a walk in the park. Moving Blankets and their accessories are a must-have for flatbed truckers, movers, or anyone planning a big move.

Stop In & Buy Our Moving Blankets Today

Here at Mytee Products, our Moving Blankets are made of the highest quality and sold at an affordable price. They can satisfy your hauling and moving needs, all while saving you money.