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Valves & Control Lines

Valves & Control Lines

Valves & Control Lines

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Valves & Control Lines

Meaning of Valves:

Valves are an important part of a truck’s air brake system. Tractor air supply control valves are in a truck’s cab and can be easily reached by the driver.

These air supply valves have red knobs that can be used to either supply the trailer with air, or cut off the air pressure and trigger the emergency brake system in the trailer. This is a vital safety mechanism in the event that the trailer accidentally detaches from the cab of the truck.

Brief about Control Lines:

Control lines, also called control cables, are used to transport electricity and energy from the engine of the truck to the various brakes and mechanisms that need power. They can be used in push-pull style assemblies and Power Take-Off, or PTO, assemblies.

Most control lines have coatings and design elements to prevent overheating or compression damage while maintaining an ability to transport electricity quickly.

When to Use Valves and Control Cables?

Use air supply control valves to gain control over the emergency brake system in your trailer and to regulate the air supply for other purposes.

Check the function of the air supply control valve as often as you change the oil. Replace this valve if it stops regulating pressure correctly, or if you see visible damage to the valve. The province of Ontario put together this helpful guide to air brake system inspection.

All power systems on trucks need some type of control line or control cable. Know your truck to find out what kind of control cable you need.

Types of Valves

There are many types of air brake valves, including:

  • Check Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Drain Valves
  • Foot Valves
  • Full-Function Valves
  • Governors
  • Inversion Valves
  • Low Pressure Switches
  • Pressure Protection Valves
  • Push-Pull Valves
  • Quick-Release Valves
  • Ratio valves
  • Relay Valves
  • Relay Emergency Valves
  • Safety Valves
  • Spring Brake
  • Stop Light Switch
  • Tractor Protection Valve

When selecting a replacement valve, make sure it matches the make and model number of the valve that came with your vehicle.

If you’d like to add a valve where previously there wasn’t one, or if you’d like to upgrade a valve, consult an airbrake handbook, available from many different manufacturers, to find brake system parts that will meet your specific needs.

What sets Mytee’s Valves and Control Lines Apart?

Mytee carries a variety of air valves and control lines at cost-effective prices. Our valves and control lines meet or exceed regulatory standards. Air valves and control lines are important pieces of equipment to ensure your safety on the road. Mytee’s replacement parts can help you keep on hauling safe, and they’re affordably priced so, as always, you can earn more.