Roll-Off Container Tarps

We know how essential roll off tarps are in the trucking industry, but when transporting recycling or trash container applications it’s even more vital to ensure you have the proper dumpster tarp to prevent any on-road incidents with flying debris! Waste storage and recycling transportation struggle with the risk of spillage caused by improper storage or covering.

As such, it’s required by law under RCRA, Subtitle D, that waste must be safely and properly covered before and after transportation. At Mytee Products, we understand how important reliable roll of container tarping is for you and your company!

While there are many options out there, we offer waterproof, roll-off vinyl tarps that protect your contents from harmful UV rays, and keep debris off the roads! We have efficient roll off tarp solutions for large and small scale waste containment!

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  1. 18oz Waterproof Roll-Off Dumpster Tarp
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Use of Roll-Off Container Tarps

Our dumpster cover tarp kits and systems help make securing waste fast and easy!

  • Dumpster tarps roll on and off in an arching motion to prevent getting caught on sharp edges or waste and ripping/tearing the tarp!
  • Our container tarps are specifically designed with sleeves for your container poles, ensuring the tarps stay put during transportation!
  • There are slits along the sides so you can strap the waterproof tarp down on poles on your container’s sides.
  • The front and end flaps have bungee holes, for extra security of your roll off container tarp!
  • The end caps make it easier to be placed over the top of your container system.
  • The roll off tarp stays with the container, on or off the truck, so it can’t be lost or left behind and rolls open or closed quickly and easily!

Roll Off Tarps

Features of Roll-Off Container Tarps

  • Our roll off dumpster tarps are used by haulers who know durability is a necessity!
  • Each Mytee Roll Off Container Tarp is made of durable 18 oz vinyl, with a pocket to fit most roll-off crossbars and brass grommets for securing!
  • Our Waterproof Roll Off Container Tarps are durable and protect against weather conditions, UV rays, and are waterproof!
  • An essential part of waste transportation, our tarps are custom built for different container sizes!
  • Our Roll Off Dumpster Tarps are made to have a 1 inch drop on each side when properly applied!
  • All four sides have grommets every 2 inches along the outer edge, giving you plenty of tie-down points!

Whether you need a roll-off tarp for your waste/dumpster container or for your truck bed, Mytee Products offers the highest quality roll off tarps for your most important jobs! We are more than happy to answer your questions or concerns regarding our waterproof roll off dumpster tarps and kits, just give us a call!