Sickle Guards

Here at Mytee Products, our Sickle Guards come with the utmost guarantee that they’ll make your farm work less stressful. These mower guards will protect the cutting blades of your combined harvesting headers and mowers during mowing season.

Our company offers a select few styles of forged guards, such as trident and bident-shaped styles. They’ll also make great replacements for top brand-name agricultural equipment from MacDon, New Holland, and John Deere. At our company, you’ll get high-quality and affordable Sickle Guards that you can’t get anywhere else.

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  1. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 87702973, 86615982, 219190, and 1307299C2
  2. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits MacDon part# 118344 and 215DH
  3. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere part# H229537 and H229538
  4. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere part# H229538
    As low as $9.99
  5. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere part# H229537
    As low as $9.99
  6. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 87702973
    As low as $8.49
  7. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 219190
    As low as $8.49
  8. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 86615982
    As low as $8.49
  9. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits MacDon part# 118344
    As low as $8.49
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What Are Sickle Guards?

A Sickle Guard is a vital harvesting tool used in conjunction with your mower to provide efficient, precise, and safe crop-cutting. You’ll finish mowing your fields before the sun even goes down. More importantly, they prevent the cutting blades of your combines, windrowers, and mowers from sustaining any type of damage.

Check Out Their Neat Features

Mytee Products Sickle Guards come with a wealth of features that farmers and agricultural workers will love. Let’s take a closer look:

The First Line Of Defense - Pointed Sickle Guards

These sickle mower guards offer precise and fast cutting of your field crops so that you can get the job in record time. They’re especially great to use when your header cuts too close to the ground. Your cutting blades are at a higher risk of being damaged by rocks and debris. Fortunately, pointed sickle guards form a protective shield around your blades to prevent this from ever happening.

What Makes Them So Durable?

Helping them provide optimal protection of your blades, a forged sickle guard is made out of high-strength steel. The material allows them to withstand most abrasive crop species.

Why Does The Shape of Sickle Bar Mower Guards Matter?

Our Sickle Bar Guards come in two styles, which are Trident and Bident-shaped. Both shapes offer quick and seamless cutting of your crops, making your job easier. Check out the different mower rock guard shapes we offer:

  • Bident Shape: This double prong guard comes with a slot that helps direct the motion of the cutting blades. The two openings at the base and the overall design of the sickle guard will attach easily to a finger beam. 
  • Trident Shape: Similarly, this Blade Guard for your Combine Harvester will provide efficient and safe harvesting of your crops. You won’t have to worry about any unwanted downtown, wasting money on expensive repairs, or even damaging your mower’s cutting blades. This style offers three prongs, which means you get triple the benefits.

Type Of Prongs

Also, the number of prongs determines how much security you’ll have over the cutting blades of your combined harvester. They protect the blades from debris, stones, rocks, and more while bearing initial heavy impacts or jerks easily.

  • Double Prongs: If you’re looking for basic security for your cutting blades, these forged guards have two prongs. 
  • Triple Prongs: On the other hand, the triple-prong Sickle Guards have three arms for the blades. You’ll be able to better protect your cutting components using this style. It’s best to use these Sickle Guards for your Combine Harvester Headers in more rugged environments. They come in the patterns Short-Long-Short and Long-Short-Long as well.

See What Colors We Offer

Mytee Products Sickle Mower Rock Guards also come in the colors green and black. Adding to their durability, they’re coated in black powder.

They’re Double-Heat Treated

Our forged mower guards are double-heat treated, increasing their hardness and making them all the more resistant to early signs of corrosion. Even better, the treatment gives them their long-lasting quality.

We Have A Sickle Guard For Everyone

Looking through our online catalog, you’ll notice that we have a sickle guard replacement compatible with your brand-name equipment from John Deere, New Holland, and MacDon.

Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere

We have two sickle bar guards that can either fit or replace your John Deere header parts: 

Our Combine Platform Sickle Guards perfectly fit your John Deere equipment. These green, trident-shaped guards can replace both your H229537 and H229538 parts.

Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits MacDon

Next, comes the perfect sickle bar rock guard that will work in perfect harmony with your MacDon equipment. 

These Sickle Guards for your Combined Harvester Headers are compatible with both your 118344 and 215DH MacDon parts.

Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland

This Blade Guard For Your Combine Harvester offers the best alternative option for your agricultural equipment from New Holland: 

These all-black, double-prong guards are compatible with your New Holland equipment, with part numbers 87702973, 86615982, and 219190.

Maintaining Your Forged Mower Guards

A Sickle Bar Rock Guard may be made out of durable materials, but that doesn’t mean they’re invincible. When they wear out or sustain severe damage, they can be easily replaced and help extend the longevity of your mower.

At the start of the mowing season, look to see if your Combine Header Sickle Knife Guard is dented or cracked. This could cause the cutting blades to come in direct contact with rocks and debris, damaging your harvest mower. Other instances like rough, rocky terrains and extremely abrasive crops could also lead you to buy a replacement sooner than later.

If your cutting blades aren’t doing a good job of trimming your crops, then it’s time to buy a new forged sickle guard from Mytee Products, you may also explore our other Farming Accessories. Maintaining your Sickle Guard will help farmers like you care for your fields, veggies, and crops better.