Bungee Straps

Bungee straps and bungee cords are ubiquitous items; they are used for many things. The most prominent use of bungee straps is as a tie-down for tarps on trucks and trailers. Bungee cords for tarps used by transporters, movers, flatbed haulers, Container Haulers, and Dump Truck operators. Bungee straps are also known as tarp straps or rubber straps and are effectively used to tie down tarps on a flatbed trailers.

Our adjustable rubber bungee straps are molded with 100% EPDM rubber. The rubber bungee straps are UV resistant and tested for high tensile strength. We provide bungee straps in a wide range of lengths and with galvanized steel hooks for better strength and rust protection.

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  1. EPDM Tarp Bungee Straps -50 Pack, Made in USA
  2. EPDM Tarp Bungee Straps w/ Crimped Hooks - 50 Pack
  3. Natural Rubber Tarp Bungee Straps w/ Crimped Hooks - 50 Pack
  4. 30" EPDM Adjustable Tarp Bungee Strap with S-shaped Metal Hook - 50-Pcs Set
    As low as $52.99
  5. 30" EPDM Adjustable Tarp Bungee Straps - Made in USA
  6. 5/16” Heavy Duty Adjustable Bungee Cords (25 Pcs)
  7. (25 Pcs) Ball Bungee Cord for Tarp Tie Down
  8. Replacement S Hooks (20 Pack)
  9. Rubber Rope Hooks (100 Pcs)
    As low as $45.99
  10. (4 Pcs) E-Track Bungee Tie-Down Straps - Black
  11. 6 Arms Rubber Spider Bungee for Truck Chains - Sold in Pairs
    As low as $12.99
  12. 3/8" x 150' Natural Rubber Rope - Solid Core Rubber Bungee Cord
    Regular Price $47.99
    Special Price $45.99
  13. Rubber Bungee Rope Solid Core 3/8" x 200', EPDM
    As low as $89.99
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What are bungee tie-down straps?

Bungee tarp straps are elastic bungee cords that are specifically designed for tying down tarps. They’re typically used with tarps that cover loads on the back of a flatbed truck or trailer. Strong bungee straps are tested to make sure they have high tensile strength. Some straps are essentially natural black rubber bungee cords, while others are made of EPDM.

At Mytee Products, we offer several bungee straps made of EPDM rubber. This man-made rubber is a great insulator. It can withstand extreme heat without melting, burning, or giving into dry rot. Heat will not readily transfer through the straps. Our EPDM bungee tarp straps are UV treated to prevent damage from direct sunlight as well as heat.

We also offer natural rubber tarps straps, which are more suitable for use in cold or moderate temperatures.

Benefits of bungee straps

Our flat bungee straps offer five key benefits.

  • Highly elastic 

    Bungee cords for tarps are great if you have loads of varying sizes, because they’re elastic enough to stretch over large loads without breaking, then can snap back and hold smaller loads just as tightly.
  • Adjustable 

    Our 30” EPDM straps are adjustable, with slits every 4 – 6 inches so you can make the strap shorter and tighter.
  • Heat resistant 

    EPDM rubber tarps straps are great in the heat. If you’re transporting loads in the South, bungee straps will remain intact even in the summer months.
  • UV resistant 

    Ultra-violet rays can cause damage over time, but our bungee straps are treated to be resistant.
  • High tensile strength 

    EPDM bungee straps have a high tensile strength, which means they’re very unlikely to break, even if they’re pulled tightly.

Where can I use bungee straps?

Bungee straps are designed to help secure the tarp over your load, but they aren’t meant to be your primary method of securement. According to the BC Trucking Association, when it comes to load security and meeting safety standards, “bungee cords can be used as supplementary restraints for lightweight cargo and equipment, provided there is a primary restraint with a marked working load limit.”

Essentially, that means that bungee straps aren’t a safe tool to use to secure your load itself. Instead, you’ll want to use a securement method like winch straps or G70 chains, something with a known working weight limit.

Rubber straps, on the other hand, can be used safely in two places.

The first place to use bungee straps is on the exterior of your load, as a means of tying down a tarp that covers your cargo. This is why bungee straps are sometimes called tarp straps.

The second safe way to use bungee straps is in the interior of your load, to join separate elements of cargo, like different boxes, together.

How to use bungee straps correctly?

To tie down a tarp over a load and keep it from flapping, do the following.

  1. Find a secure mounting location. Make sure your truck is stable as you load the cargo.
  2. Drape the tarp over the cargo.
  3. Connect the bungee strap’s S- hook through the tarp’s D-rings or grommets, then hook the other end of the strap to the D-rings or securement slot on the rub-rail of the trailer.
  4. If there’s a short distance between the tarp’s d-rings and the securement slots or d-rings on your trailer, and you’re concerned the tarp may become loose, loop the strap through one of the tarp’s D-rings and secure both hooks on the ends of the strap to one of the trailer’s D-rings.
  5. Alternately, for a very tight securement, lace the rubber strap through the bottom row of D-rings of the tarp and the trailer D-rings the way you might lace shoes, criss-crossing through rings until you reach the end of your strap, then securing the hook on the final ring.

What are my bungee strap options?

There are two types of flat bungee straps you can use to tie down your tarps.

  • EPDM Straps -

    These EPDM tarp bungee straps are heat-resistant and are great for transporting in hot weather.
  • All-Natural Rubber Straps -

    These straps are good for general use, and do better in cold weather than EPDM straps.

Mytee Products has cost-effective black bungee straps to meet your needs. With our EPDM straps, you can choose whether you want straps that are made here in the USA, or straps manufactured abroad.

Questions & Answers

How do you bungee a tarp on a trailer?

To secure a tarp using bungee straps, drape the tarp over the cargo, connect the strap to the tarp using the grommets or D-rings, then hook it onto the trailer.

How much weight can a bungee strap hold?

Bungee straps can hold down a tarp through heavy winds or while in transit, but they are not meant to tie-down loads. These straps are specifically designed to hold down tarps.

Are bungee cords heat-resistant?

Bungee straps are highly heat and UV-resistant. No matter where you are, whether it’s the deep south in the summer or the dry heat of Texas, these straps will survive.

How do I tie bungee cords together?

Bungee cords are very versatile. You can connect bungee cords together by connecting them with their hooks, and if you feel you need a bit of extra strength, you can group them together and connect with another group.