Flatbed Tarp Kits

We understand that the money our customers put into their cargo control supplies is hard-earned money that should not be wasted. So, to help you make the most of your cargo control investments, we offer bundled products by way of flatbed truck tarp kits. Each of these kits contains all the supplies you need to get started with cargo control. You bundle your internet, phone, and television, why not bundle your cargo control supplies? We offer numerous tarp kits for lumber hauling and a variety of other applications to meet your needs. Each flatbed starter kit contains a tarp, bungee straps, ratchet and winch straps, edge protectors, and more. You can add to your bundle as needed. Of course, the cargo control supplies sold in our flatbed tarp kits are the same supplies you would otherwise buy individually. All Mytee tarp kits are manufactured to the highest standards and are fully compliant with federal regulations.

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About Flatbed Tarp Kits

Flatbed tarp kits are starter kits for anyone who wants to get into the flatbed hauling industry, especially to haul lumber or steel.

Flatbed tarp kits include everything you need to get started hauling lumber or steel, two of the most popular commodities in North America. These can be tricky loads, and our kits pre-select all the specialized, high-quality equipment you might not realize you’ll need to succeed, including:

  • Specialized Tarps to protect your haul in all weather conditions
  • Bungee Tie-downs to anchor your tarps
  • Corner Protectors to keep your load’s sharp edges from cutting your tarp or straps
  • Winch Straps and Ratchet Straps to secure your loads
  • Winch Strap Winder to keep your straps neatly rolled up when you’re not using them
  • G70 Chains with Grab Hooks to secure particularly heavy-duty loads
  • Combination Winch Bar to tighten chain lever binders and manipulate tightly-packed loads
  • Coil Racks to store steel coils tightly during transport
  • Heavy-Duty Rubber Coil Pads to prevent the outside of the steel coils from jostling and getting damaged

Who uses Flatbed Tarp Kits?

Flatbed tarp kits are for anyone at the beginning of their career as a flatbed trucker who might find the sheer volume of product options overwhelming.

The tools and resources in our flatbed tarp kits are guaranteed to be high quality and affordably priced. Having everything in one premade kit takes the guesswork out, so you can get started right.