Tow Truck Equipment

Mytee Products stays ahead of the game when it comes to tow truck equipment and supplies. Our tow products are durable, meet industry standards and are designed with safety in mind. We have everything you could ever need. Our tow truck equipment inventory ranges from towing chains to recovery straps and shackles. Regardless of the kind of trailer you have, we always strive to have the right towing tools for you on hand. On your next towing job, make sure you stop by our store and buy from our wide selection of towing parts.

Shop From Our Huge Selection of Towing Supplies

With over 3,000 products in stock, we carry everything our customers could ever need. We have an endless supply of tow truck equipment to meet the demands of any towing job. Whether you need help pulling a car out of a ditch or transporting a vehicle with a dead battery, we have the right tools for towing professionals. We’re eager to make towing all the easier for you. Let’s check out what we have to offer:

Towing Chains:

When operating a tow truck or a wrecker, you’ll need to purchase towing chains. These heavy-duty chains come in various grades and styles, including v-chains and j-chains. More importantly, the tow chain can be used in numerous towing situations such as securing a car to a trailer and vehicle recovery. The chains come equipped with hooks that help attach them to the vehicle being towed. This prevents any chance of the chain detaching during transit. Towing chains make sure your car remains secure the whole ride through.

Slings and Shackles:

However, if the vehicle you’re trying to tow is immobile, it’s time to use slings and shackles. Our heavy-duty lifting slings and shackles meet the needs of any tow truck operator. Specifically, they’re used in situations where cargo can’t be lifted with the use of a pallet or driven up a ramp. Instead, the car must be lifted by a crane. You’ll need to use both a sling and shackle in order to successfully hoist the vehicle. At Mytee Products, we sell a variety of slings and shackles, such as Web Sling Shackles with a Quick Pin and Eye & Eye Synthetic Super Slings.

Tire Tie-Down Straps:

The tire tie-down straps are primarily used to help secure a vehicle over a trailer and prevent it from shifting. Made out of heavy-duty polyester webbing, these short ratchet straps are strong enough to hold a car in place during transit. In greater detail, they’re attached to the axles and wheels of the vehicle. These tire straps usually go underneath the car to avoid damaging its body. Additionally, these auto-hauling straps feature several different end fittings. At Mytee Products, we have in stock several options, including auto tie-down straps with flat hooks and Ratchet Tire Strap w/ 3 Wire J Hooks. This equipment was made for towing professionals like you.


Another piece of tow truck equipment that comes in handy is a tow winch. They have various uses, such as recovering disabled vehicles and assisting with off-road situations. The electric motor component of a tow winch allows a trucker to pull it onto the wrecker’s trailer. In greater detail, the tow winch is mounted onto the back of a tow truck. Its synthetic rope, referred to as the Winch Cable, is attached to the vehicle being towed. Thus, the cable automatically pulls the vehicle onto your truck’s trailer. Our products such as the 12,000 Pound Capacity Electric Tow Winch can make your towing job all the easier.


This tow truck gear can make your tow truck all the more versatile and flexible by towing different types of vehicles, such as RVs or trailers. Their alloy steel construction gives them impressive strength to handle heavy-duty jobs. Simply install a Trailer Hitch to the back of your towing truck and attach it to your trailer. Moreover, Mytee Products sells a variety of Tow Hitches such as Pintle Hooks with Ball Hitches and Heavy Duty Pintle Hook Rigid Mount Hitch.

Recovery Straps:

Similarly, recovery straps can haul a vehicle onto the back of a wrecker. These straps are made out of tough materials like polyester or wire rope, which makes it possible to recover a vehicle from a ditch. These heavy-duty loops go around the underside of a vehicle and vertically lift it via a crane. A tow truck driver can rest easy knowing that the vehicle is being safely recovered. At Mytee Products, we sell a variety of these web slings, such as the Eye To Eye Synthetic Super Slings and the Endless Round Lifting Sling. You can’t go wrong with this towing and hauling equipment.

Winch Cables:

In addition to Recovery Straps, you can also use Winch Cables to help recover wrecked vehicles. In greater detail, these cables can be spooled around your electric winches and help haul a car onto your truck’s trailer. Fortunately, Mytee Products has you covered when it comes to Winch Cables. We offer several different winch cables, such as Super Swage Winch Line With Self Locking Hook and the 1/2" Wire Rope Steel Winch Cable with Locking Swivel Hook.

More Towing Accessories To Consider

Given all these towing devices, you should have no problem completing your next towing job. Though, there’s a variety of other equipment for towing professionals to help make their jobs easier and safer.

For instance, you may want to invest in towing lights for an upcoming towing job. Perhaps you’re working in low visibility and need to signal other drivers about your worksite. Other towing equipment to use includes V Bridle Straps, Loading Skates, Recovery Lift Bags, and Wheel Chocks. You need these Towing Accessories to help complete your job more efficiently and safer.

We Have All The Towing Supplies You Need

Mytee Products has every towing product on the market to get you ready for your towing job. We sell the most affordable and high-quality tow truck equipment in the business.