Corner & Edge Protectors

Experienced flatbed truckers know that corner and edge protectors are among the more important tools of the trade. You may not realize just how important they are until you don't have what you need, resulting in a torn tarp or damaged cargo. Do not wait until that happens to stock up. Instead, make sure your toolbox contains a full variety of corner and edge protectors based on the kinds of cargo you normally carry.

Corner and edge protectors offer tremendous functionality. They protect tarps from sharp edges; they prevent tarps from coming into direct contact with key areas of especially sensitive cargo; they can prevent different pieces of cargo from making contact during transport. Corner and edge protectors may seem like small and insignificant pieces of plastic or metal, but they can be lifesavers. Buy your corner and edge protectors at Mytee if you are looking for high-quality products at low prices.

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31 Items

  1. Corner Protectors ( 4" Red, Blue & Orange )
  2. (20 Pcs) 4" HDPE Corner Protector w/ Carrying Bag
  3. Corner Protector V Shaped 8" x 12" (Red or Blue)
  4. Corner Protector V Shape 9" x 11" Made in USA
  5. Corner Protector V Shaped - 8" x 8" x 48" (Red or Blue)
  6. Corner Protector V Shaped - 8" x 36" (Red, Blue & Yellow)
  7. Corner Protectors ( 12 Inch )
    As low as $1.39
  8. Corner Protector V-Shaped 4" X 11"
    As low as $1.39
  9. (20 Pcs) 4"x10" HDPE Corner Protector with Carrying Bag - Orange
  10. Kinedyne Corner Protector Vee-Boards (20 PACK) - 4" x 11"
    As low as $91.99
  11. Brick Guard V-shaped Corner Protector - 9" x 48" x 36" (Drop)
    As low as $49.99
  12. Aluminum Mesh Brick Guard for Goods Protection
  13. Kinedyne Brick Guard Corner Protector V-Shaped
  14. Plastic Tarp Protector
    As low as $1.19
  15. Rubber Corner Protectors ( 4 Inch )
    As low as $2.09
  16. Diamond Pattern Rubber Corner Protectors ( 4 Inch ) Made in USA
    As low as $2.59
  17. Coil Racks For Steel Coil Securement
  18. Heavy Duty Metal Coil Protector w/ Flexible Rubber
    As low as $74.99
  19. Steel Corner Protector
    As low as $2.24
  20. Steel Edge Protector w/ Rubber on Back - 6"
    As low as $3.69
  21. Steel Corner Protector w/ Chain Slot
    As low as $2.99
  22. Truck Shipping Craddles and/or Storage Saddles - 6" x 6" x 36"
    As low as $44.99
  23. Coil Mat - Rubber Friction Pads 30" x 42"
    As low as $4.49
  24. Heavy Duty Rubber Coil Pad 6" x 48"
    As low as $9.49
  25. Heavy Duty Rubber Coil Pad 7" x 48" Diamond Pattern - Made in USA
    As low as $8.99
  26. Protective Cordura Webbing Protector (Sold as Set of 10 Pack)
  27. Yellow Corner Protector V Shape 8" x 24" Made in USA
    As low as $9.49
  28. Corner Protector V Shaped 4" x 10"
    As low as $1.04
  29. 8ft V Shaped Extension Handle
    As low as $30.99
  30. Steel Corner Protector with Rubber
    As low as $4.19
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What are corner and edge protectors?

Corner and edge protectors are designed to protect both your cargo and your straps from pressure and friction during transport.

Straps, like winch straps can take damage over time when they're securing sharp-edged loads. Tension is what secures the load to a truck. But when tension isn't broadly distributed, the resulting friction can end up cutting into straps, damaging them and wearing them out faster.

Likewise, when all the tension hits a piece of cargo at a specific point, where the strap or chain meets the load, that piece of cargo can take damage as well. This is especially true if the cargo is somewhat fragile, or if you're using a less flexible method of securement, like a chain binder.

Corner and edge protectors solve both of these problems. By positioning corner protectors or edge protectors at the point of tension, you can re-distribute that tension, thus reducing friction, pressure, and resulting damage to your cargo and your binder. Since the overall amount of tension stays the same, the load stays secure.

At Mytee Products, our edge protectors and corner protectors are made in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, so you can choose the protectors that best suit your needs. For instance, our metal corner protectors are made of stainless steel. Some of our stainless steel corner protectors have rubber linings for extra cushion, while our black metal stainless steel edge protector has a corner recess feature, to better protect the edge of your cargo.

We also have plastic corner protectors, corner braces, coil edge protectors, and rubber pads. Read on to learn which protector might work best for you.

When should I use corner protectors or edge protectors?

Corner protectors are mandatory by law anytime you have a load that could potentially cut or damage the strap. So, for instance, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), transporting dressed lumber, metal coils, or heavy equipment, vehicles, or machinery is considered a significant risk to your strap binder. When transporting these types of goods, corner protectors are required.

However, even in circumstances where an edge protector or corner protector isn’t mandatory, corner protectors are helpful in maintaining the safety of your load and preventing your straps from taking damage.

In non-mandatory contexts, use your best judgment. If you think the outer layer of freight might get crushed by your straps, definitely opt for a cargo protector.

Plastic V board corner protectors are ready to go, while other varieties might require a hand tool to install. V boards, also called vee shaped edge protectors, veeboards, or v board flatbed cargo protectors, are plastic, v-shaped protectors. They’re the most popular method truckers use to protect corners and edges.

Benefits of Corner and Edge Protectors

Corner and edge protectors are all about protecting your stuff. Our edge and corner protectors will:

  • Protect your cargo from damage due to tension.
  • Protect your straps from damage due to cutting or abrasions. They also keep straps intact longer.
  • Save you money Our blue and red v board corner protectors start as low as $0.99 apiece.
  • Be easy for you to store and carry Edge protectors and corner protectors are easy to stack and store in your toolbox.

Available options when it comes to corner protectors and edge protectors

When it comes to corner protectors, Mytee Products offers a choice of materials, shapes and sizes.

Material Type

  • Metal corner protectors - Our stainless steel corner protectors come with or without a chain slot.
  • Plastic corner protectors - Made of high-density polyethylene, these reliable plastic protectors have a large surface area.
  • Rubber edge protectors - Both our patent-pending coil edge protectors and corner protectors come in rubber or rubber-hybrid varieties.

Various Available Shapes

  • V-shaped corner protectors - Our v-shaped corner protectors are great for most loads.
  • Coil edge protector - These curved protectors are designed to protect curved cargo, like metal coils. Coil edge protectors are patent pending and exclusive to Mytee Products.
  • Corner brace - Corner braces are designed with loops to restrict backward and forward movement of cargo.

Availability of Sizes

Mytee Products offers corner and edge protectors in the following sizes:

  • 4”
  • 12”
  • 24”
  • 36”
  • 48”

Questions & Answers

What are flatbed edge protectors made out of?

Common edge protectors, used to protect loads, are made out of high-density polyethylene which is extremely durable and performs well under pressure. Other edge protectors, made to protect the straps, are made out of steel.

When should edge protectors be used?

An edge protector should be used when the load is easily susceptible to damage from the strap or chain being used, or if the load can damage the strap or chain in any way.

Are edge protectors recyclable?

Polyethylene, the common material used to make edge protectors, is very easy to recycle. There are no other composite materials in it to cause any problems with recycling.

What are the key benefits of corner protectors?

The main benefits of corner protectors are their ability to protect not only the load but your equipment at the corners of your tie down so any abrupt or heavy force that is exerted in those areas does not cause any damage.