Work Lights

Meaning of Work Lights:

Work lights are bright LED lights designed to give drivers extra light to work in low-light conditions. They can be utilized during repairs, loading or unloading cargo, or even while driving during hazardous, snowy conditions.

They are sometimes called work light bars, LED light bars, flood lights, power work lights, portable work light, rechargeable work light or construction work lights.

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When are Work Lights Useful?

Work lights are useful if you need to pull over and make a repair or replace a part, or if you have to load or unload your cargo in the dark.

  • Some work lights are also designed to improve your vision in stormy, hazardous conditions. If you’re using LED work lights while driving, make sure you’re in line with DOT laws and regulations in your state.
  • Some lamp colors are prohibited for typical drivers because they indicate that the vehicle is a tow truck or an emergency response vehicle. There are also placement mandates for different types of lamps and reflective devices.
  • While driving, it is unlawful to have lights brighter than 20,000 candelas. To calculate the candela of your lights, know your lights’ lumens (measurement of brightness) and their apex angle where they’re mounted. Then, use this calculator to see if you’re over the limit.
  • You’re probably going to be under the limit, but if you’re not, usually shifting the angle of the light is a straightforward fix; it’s unlikely that you’ll have to replace your light with a dimmer one.

Types of Work Lights:

Work lights vary in their placement, their power method, their portability, and their brightness.


Some work lights are mounted, and they come with a mounting bracket. Mounted LED lights can be installed on a headache rack, grille guard, the rub rail on the sides of a flatbed trailer, or various points on the front of the cab.

Which placement makes sense depends on the size of the lights and whether or not they utilize the truck’s battery for their power. For example, an LED flood light bar is typically mounted on the front of a truck’s cab.

Power method

LED work lights are either powered by:

  • The battery in the truck itself
  • The light’s own rechargeable battery
  • A replaceable, portable battery within the light


Some work lights are designed to be easily installed and removed, so they’re only used for a specific job and can be easily transferred from truck to truck.

Other lights are heavier and designed to be a more permanent fixture to a truck.

Lights that come with their own packing and carrying equipment are more portable.


A work light’s brightness is measured in LUMENS. This refers to the light’s “luminous flux,” a measure of brightness. Lumens are typically measured per square foot. So, a light can be very bright, but not cover a large radius. The light Brighter lights offer more clarity, but they use up more power.

When considering how bright a light you need, consider these points of reference:

  • A typical, partly cloudy day gives us 1000 lumens of light
  • A standard 100-watt light-bulb in a living room lamp produces about 1600 lumens of light. A typical LED bulb generally produces that much light using only 16 - 18 watts of electricity.
  • If the sun is over 3500 lumens bright, people start squinting and tend to reach for sunglasses
  • 4000 lumens is the point at which people see white flashes, or glare, and reach for their sunglasses

Key Features of LED Work Lights:

The key features of LED work lights important trailer parts are:

  • Brightness
  • Energy-efficiency
  • Portability
  • Durability

Quality Offered by Mytee Products:

At Mytee, our work lights are certifiably high-quality on all four counts. Yet, they’re still cost effective! This is because we cut out the middleman and pass the savings on to you. That way, you can get the equipment you need to haul safe and earn more.