4 Ft Drop Lumber Tarps

Our 4ft Drop Lumber Tarps only work for those relatively lighter-load jobs. This type of heavy-duty lumber tarp can be used to wrap tightly around a load of lumber and protect it from damage during transit. Additionally, it’s primarily used for truckers hauling steel. In many regards, our customers typically carry both a set of 8ft and 4ft Drop Lumber Tarps. Though, we recommend that truckers choose different colors for the different types of heavy-duty drop tarps. This way, they can differentiate between the two.

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  1. Steel Tarp 18 Oz 16' x 20' with Flap (2 Rows of D-rings)
    Regular Price $175.00 Special Price $159.99 As low as $151.99
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4' Drop Flatbed Trailer Tarps

The end pieces of these flatbed tarps range in size from 16x18 ft to 24x27 ft with a  4’x8’ tail and 8’ rain flaps. Additionally, a 4ft Drop Lumber Tarp can weigh anywhere from 35 lbs to 87 lbs and come in colors blue and black. This inexpensive tarp features 2” webbing, constructed out of super light 14 oz vinyl has brass grommets, and comes equipped with two to three rows of D-Ring boxes stitched into the fabric. Even better, these tarps are lightweight.