Dump Truck Tarp System

Hauling loose materials in a dump truck requires some special skill. Mytee Products has your back. We sell a large inventory of dump truck tarping systems for truckers to choose from. These tarp systems protect your load and do a good job of making sure they don’t fall out during transit. Our dump truck tarp system parts come in a number of styles, which are steel or aluminum, automatic motorized, or manual. Customers can also feel free to choose from our wide selection of spare dump truck tarp parts. These products can accommodate many known brand names such as Roll Rite and Donovan. You can’t go wrong on a dump truck tarp system and its parts.

How The Dump Truck Tarp System Helps Trucker

All truck tarp systems (front-to-back and flip tarp systems) can provide the safety and securement your cargo requires. Though, when it comes to transporting and dumping loose materials like grain, sand or even waste, you may require the use of a dump truck tarp system to get the job done right. Turns out, truck dumping is a pretty big deal since driving laws and regulations across the U.S. require dump truck and open trailer drivers to secure their loads before hitting the road.

Mytee Products offers roll tarps for dump or grain trailers that come in several different sizes, all of which can accommodate any open-air rig. They’re constructed out of heavy-duty vinyl and come equipped with plenty of webbing straps. Moreover, they even work well with most mechanical roll tarp systems. All in all, they help dump truckers by protecting your load and keeping you on the right side of the law.

Large Assortment Of Dump Truck Tarp System Products

Dump truck tarp systems can help tremendously with loading and unloading cargo. The tarp system can help a dump trucker work more efficiently, faster and safer. Though, to get the most out of your dump truck tarp kit, you first need to make sure you’re using the proper tools. This includes everything from the tarps themselves, electric motors and roll tarp parts. Check out all the Dump Truck Products we have in stock:

  • Dump Truck Tarps: This type of tarping system uses a covering to protect the materials from weather conditions on the road and prevents them from falling off the truck during transit. Our dump truck tarps come in a variety of sizes, such as our dump truck tarps 18 oz vinyl (Waterproof). Customers can also purchase them in vinyl and mesh, whatever suits their fancy.
  • Electric Motors for Dump Truck: Another tool often used in the tarp system for a dump truck are electric motors, which help with providing coverage over a trucker’s materials. The motors are usually operated from within the cab of the truck. Customers will see that we offer such products, including our dump truck tarp and T-Apache 50:1 dump truck tarp motors.
  • Manual System Components: Manual system components come in handy when operating an old-school dump truck. Typically, dump truckers have to operate these older models manually, since they lack any up-to-date electronic or hydraulic systems. We offer a wide range of manual system components, such as aluminum chain guard for manual systems and cab level mounting bracket with break.
  • Arm Parts: Dump truck tarp systems may also include the use of arm parts. These pieces of hardware provide extra flexibility and control in unloading your materials. We offer several different styles of arm parts for your dump truck tarp system, such as the 4 spring lower arm and the steel upper arm.
  • Dump Truck Control Valve: Mainly, dump truckers use a hydraulic system to give power to the lifting mechanism of their truck’s bed. The use of these dump truck tarp parts allows a trucker to control the direction and speed of the flatbed’s movement. We also offer a few different valve controls, such as 4-way 3-position manual air valve with five 1/4 Inch NPT ports.
  • Roll Tarp Parts: Much like the dump truck tarp parts, the roll tarp parts help protect, secure and contain your loose materials during transit. At Mytee Products, we offer everything from tarp stops, rear idler, cranks and roll cs to help with your roll tarp parts system.

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When it comes to choosing the right tarping system, the dump truck tarp system will make sure to get the job done right. At Mytee Products, we sell high-quality kits and components to make your dump truck all the more efficient. Shop our online inventory now for the best trucking products in the business.