Sliding Winch Track

Mytee Products offers a wide assortment of Sliding Winch Tracks that can assist with safely hauling your materials. The winch track allows trailer winches to attach with them, tighten them, and secure your overall load. Even better, they can support the heavy-duty cargo.

Specifically, we offer two types of sliding winch tracks, the Aluminum Double L and Steel C Sliding Winches. If you have aluminum or steel based flatbed trailers, then you’ve come to the right place. Our company always strives to educate our customers, as well as provide the high quality tools they need to safely haul their cargo.

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  1. Steel Sliding Winch Track for C Track Trailer Winches
  2. Heavy-Duty 6 ft. Aluminum Double L Track Sliding Winch - Weld On
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Our Sliding Winch Tracks

Mytee Products’ flatbed winch tracks make tie down jobs feel like a breeze. Made of both aluminum and steel, our sliding winch tracks will last for years. More importantly, our product allows trailer winches to slide up and down the rub rail of your trailer with ease. Furthermore, they’ll lock into place once tension is applied to the flatbed winch straps. In the end, this creates a stronger and more reliable hold over your cargo.

Here are the Two Winch Tracks we offer:

Aluminum Double L Sliding Winch Track

Considered our most popular winch track, the Aluminum Double L Sliding Winch Track can handle almost any heavy duty job. Most customers choose the aluminum track because of its 10 lbs weight,  6-foot length, and weld-on application, making it easy to handle your winches. This flatbed winch track was made specifically for a Double L Winch. Not only is this sliding winch track portable but it’s easy to handle.

Steel C Sliding Winch Track

Our Steel C Sliding Winch Track comes top-notch as well. The affordable price and durable steel make this winch track a must have for any flatbed trucker. This flatbed winch track weighs in at 40 lbs, has a 6-foot length, comes in black coloring, and is sold in 1-pack bundles.

This product works best with a C-track winch. Even better, this product makes adjusting winch placement an easy process. Truckers can slide their winch to the desired location and lock it in place. Fortunately, the Steel C Sliding Winch Track can handle any type of cargo. No matter the job, this sliding winch track gets the job done.

Overall, winch tracks can make cargo securement less of a headache. Though, to achieve optimal securement it’s best to have all the proper materials on hand. The winches, winch straps and the winch track constitute a system that all truckers should follow. It’s best to remember that sliding winch tracks create tie down points for your flatbed trailer wherever you need them to help secure your cargo.

Our Winch Tracks Are Sold At The Best Quality Possible

Since our winch tracks are considered high quality, it’s guaranteed these products will last for years to come. Not only will customers get the products they need for their flatbed, but they’ll save a few dollars doing so. At Mytee Products, we’re here to save you money while providing you with high-quality products.