V Bridle Tow Strap

When you are towing a vehicle you need a strong securement method that gets the job done without incident. Normal chains are strong, but their solid exterior can actually damage vehicles. A Bridle Strap has the strength and security of a chain, but it's crafted from heavy duty polyester that will not damage the vehicle it's towing. V Bridle Straps have a variety of end fittings and hooks so you can tow any vehicle without a problem.

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  1. V Bridle Strap Leg w/ RTJ Clusters, Hi-visible/Abrasion Green Webbing
  2. V Bridle Strap 3" x 24" w/ RTJ Cluster Hooks
    As low as $39.99
  3. V Bridle Strap J Hooks
  4. V-Straps Multi Axle Strap Bridle with T-J Hook and Forged J Hook
  5. V Bridle Strap 3" x 36" w/ 8" Mini J Hooks, T-J Hooks, HI Abrasion/HI VIZ Webbing
  6. V Bridle Strap w/ Cordura Sleeves w/ Axle Straps & Snap Hooks
  7. V Bridle Strap 3" x 36" w/ 15" J Hook w/T-J Hooks, HI Abrasion/HI VIZ Webbing
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What Are Bridle Straps?

Bridle Straps are designed to hook onto vehicles for the purpose of towing them. Unlike chains, their polyester construction is soft and lay flat against the vehicle, so they will not damage or scuff the vehicle they are towing. However, they are just as strong as many heavy duty chains, so you will still have the same towing capacity, but you’ll work safer and cause less damage.

3 Main Key Features of V Bridle Straps:

There are three main features of v bridle tow straps. Let’s have look at them in detail.

1. High Working Load Limit:

Bridle Straps from Mytee Products have comparable working load limits and maximum capacity’s as heavy duty towing chains. You won’t need to sacrifice any strength when switching from chains to Bridle Straps.

2. Different End Fittings:

Mytee Products has several offerings to fit different towing needs. We offer Bridle Straps with RTJ Cluster Hooks so you can tow domestic and foreign vehicles. Mytee Products also sells axle straps with strong, durable, Cordura wrapped sleeves. No matter which end fitting you need to get the job done, Mytee sells a Bridle Strap for you.

3. Durable Webbing:

Our Bridle Towing Straps are crafted from high strength polyester webbing. They are extremely strong and capable. Additionally, they have great abrasion resistance so they will stand the test of time. Bridle Straps built from high strength webbing are advantageous to towing chains, as when the webbing makes contact with a vehicle’s undercarriage it is a softer contact that will not damage the vehicle. We also offer bright, neon green straps for easy visibility.

We have developed some video guides to show you our V Bridle Towing Strap in action. Don’t damage the undercarriage of any more vehicles, swap out your chains for heavy duty bridle straps from Mytee Products.

Questions & Answers

What is a V-bridle strap used for?

A V-bridle strap is designed to be as strong as its chain counterparts while also providing protection for a vehicle's bumper while towing. You’ll find V-Bridle straps being used to tow vehicles that have a low profile.

What are the key benefits of using V-bridle straps?

V-bridle straps are just as strong as chain bridles, while also providing a softer and less abrasive option for towing vehicles that run lower to the ground. Chains can easily damage or scuff a vehicle that doesn’t have enough space, and a V-bridle strap prevents that.

Which V-bridle strap is best for a specific towing job?

There are many V-bridle straps that are designed to work for specific situations. For example, a large J-hook strap would work best on a truck, while a bridle with protective sleeves that wrap around the axle would work best for a high-end vehicle.