Slings and Shackles

Slings and Shackles

Slings and shackles are invaluable tools for loading certain kinds of non-palletized cargo. If it cannot be lifted on a pallet or driven up ramps, it has to be hoisted using a crane, forklift, or other means. That's where lifting slings and shackles come in. You are going to need both to lift that cargo from the bottom.

You can purchase your slings and shackles here at Mytee Products. Our slings come in a variety of sizes and configurations, including endless load and double eye. Our shackles are available in multiple sizes and configurations as well. Choose rigging shackles with built-in screw pins or more traditional nuts and bolts. It's your choice. Regardless of your preferred model, you'll get rigging shackles from reputable manufacturers you know and trust.

We stock enough heavy duty lifting slings and shackles to meet the needs of most truckers. Feel free to browse our inventory and place an order. And while you're looking at slings and shackles, consider hoists, hooks, and some of the other accessories you'll need for successful loading and unloading.

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Meaning of Slings

There are two main categories of slings: chain slings and recovery slings.

Recovery Slings

Recovery slings, also called round slings, recovery straps, eye to eye slings, or web slings, are heavy-duty loops designed to wrap around the bottom of a piece of cargo, then lift cargo vertically via crane.

Recovery slings can also pull cargo at an angle to haul it up a ramp or out of a ravine.

Chain Slings

A chain sling is an incredibly strong chain-and-hook tool used to lift cargo with a crane or towing cable just as chain hoist.

A chain sling has a grade 100 steel alloy oblong masterlink. From the masterlink stems one, two, or three chain “legs.” The links of the chain legs are also grade 100 steel alloys. The end-fitting of each chain leg is a clevis grab hook.

Meaning of Shackles

Shackles are an accessory used with recovery and lifting slings. They are typically forged from a steel alloy and coated to resist rust. Rigging shackles are u-shaped, and they typically incorporate a pin or bolt to close the loop securely.

Bolt shackles, sometimes called anchor shackles, lifting shackles, or trailer shackles, can anchor two slings at once, in order to lift an incredibly heavy or wide piece of cargo.

Importance of Slings and Shackles with Usages

  • Chain Slings are a necessary piece of equipment if you’re going to tow a car or another vehicle, or if you’re going to use a crane to lift a piece of cargo overhead to load it onto a barge or flatbed.
  • You cannot attach a crane cable or towing cable directly to the cargo if you intend to lift it.
  • Recovery slings are used in auto-hauling and recovery, to secure cars and lift or pull them in a towing or auto-hauling job.
  • These eye-slings also used to lift cargo vertically with a crane, which is useful to stack a tall cargo load, load cargo on a ship, or move materials necessary for construction.
  • That’s why these loops are sometimes called crane slings.
  • Shackles are useful, and sometimes even mandatory, for both of these jobs.

Types of Slings and Shackles

There are different types of recovery slings, chain slings, and shackles to explore.

Recovery Slings

  • Recovery slings can be made of fabric-covered wire rope, heavy-duty reinforced polyester fabric, or heavy-duty reinforced nylon.
  • Recovery slings are either closed loops themselves, or they’re designed so the user can create a closed loop around the cargo easily, by running one end of the sling through the looped or closed end-fitting on the opposite end of the sling.

Chain Slings

  • The types of chain slings vary based on the grade of the chain (and, related to that grade, Working Load Limits of chain slings also vary), and based on how many legs the chain sling has.
  • Some chain slings are single chains. Others have two chain legs; these are sometimes called “v-chains.” Three-legged chain slings are called “three leg slings.”
  • Having more than one chain and hook helps spread out the tension when you’re lifting or towing a particularly heavy piece of cargo.


  • Shackles come in different weights and have different working load limits.
  • Some swivel, and some don’t. Make sure you choose the shackle that’s right for your job.