Carport / Storage Building

We are proud to offer our customers durable and high-quality portable storage buildings for multiple uses. We carry both dome and A-frame structures made of heavy-duty PVC fabric on galvanized steel frames. Each of our portable storage buildings is suitable as a carport, hay shelter, tool shed, or a garage for your machinery, lawn care equipment, etc. The most attractive feature of these structures is the fact that they can be dismantled and/or moved at any time. Unlike a permanent structure, our portable storage buildings can be used wherever, however, and whenever you prefer. You are in control without sacrificing protection from the elements. There may be no greater value in our entire inventory. For more information on assembly, check out our 5 Questions to Ask Before Your DIY Carport Installation blog.

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11 Items

  1. Hay Storage Building 30'(W) x 65'(L) x 15'(H) Single Truss Hoop Shelter
    As low as $5,589.00
  2. Shipping Container Building Shelter - 21 oz 610 gsm PVC White Cover, No End Walls
  3. 40'(L) x 60'(W) Double Truss Shipping Container Shelter, No End Walls
  4. Wide Back End Wall for Shipping Container Building Shelter - Without Door
  5. Wall for Container Shelter - With Door
  6. Shipping Container Roof Kit - Shelter, Front Wall w/ Doors, & Back End Wall
  7. Shipping Container Roof Kit Shelter w/ Back End Wall
  8. Double Truss Building Shelters 30'(W) x 40'(L) x 22'(H)
  9. Double Truss Building Shelters 30'(W) x 60'(L) x 22'(H)
  10. Hay Storage Building 20'(W) x 30'(L) x 12'(H) Single Truss Hoop Shelter
    As low as $1,929.00
  11. Hay Storage Building 30'(W) x 40'(L) x 15'(H) Single Truss Hoop Shelter
    As low as $3,839.00
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What are Hay Tents?

Hay tents, also called hay storage buildings, hay barns, or hale bale tents, are large, semi-permanent structures for storing hay, farm equipment, and other materials that need to be kept moisture-free.

Hay needs to be kept moisture-free because dampness can cause mold and mildew to grow on the hay, which can destroy the hay crop. At the same time, farm equipment is prone to rust and other kinds of progressive damage if it’s not kept dry.

Hay tents are building-sized, and they’re made to store large quantities of hay, unlike individual hay bale covers. These tents range in size from 600 square feet to 1,950 square feet. That’s almost seven square miles of storage space!

These hay storage buildings are well-ventilated while still protecting your hay, other crops, and supplies from the weather.

When to Use Hay Tents?

Use hay storage tents when you need safer, more permanent storage for your hay bales, and other crops and equipment, than simple ground storage with a top cover.

  • Hay bale tents can accommodate hay bales in different shapes, and they keep hay off the ground where moisture might seep into it.
  • Hay tents are less of a hassle than covering hay bales with tarps every year, because a single hay tent can last for years once it’s set up. In fact, the 22oz PVC fabric is so durable that, with proper maintenance, hay tents can store your hay for ten years or longer.
  • Hay storage tents are also better than permanent barns in situations where you won’t be storing your hay on a given piece on land long-term. When you’re done storing your hay in a specific place, hay tents are relatively easy to move. Whereas barns tend to be permanent fixtures of the land they’re on—or, at the very least, can only be transported with a serious degree of effort.
  • Buying and setting up a hay storage tent is also cheaper than building a barn. So if you’re on a budget but want to keep your hay as safe and dry as possible, hay tents might be for you.

How to Set Up and Maintain Hay Tents?

Our hay tents come with a clear, illustrated assembly manual. You can download it here even without buying a tent. Securing and stabilizing the hay tent requires tent anchoring equipment, including nylon tie-down straps.

What Sets Mytee’s Hay Tents Apart?

Mytee’s hay tents are phenomenally high-quality. All of our hay storage tents are waterproof, fire retardant, and UV-ray resistant.

The tent fabric is tough, 22 oz heavy-duty PVC fabric, and the framework of our hay tents is made of 17 Gauge galvanized steel.

At Mytee, we make sure our hay tents are of the highest caliber while keeping our prices affordable, so you can protect your crops without breaking the bank.