Scissor Lift Tires - Construction Equipment

When it comes to getting oversized cargo or construction equipment on the road, having the proper equipment and experience makes the difference between a safe delivery and a possible roadway accident. Having improper equipment on your heavy hauling trucks means you could be risking your cargo weighing down your truck tires and becoming top-heavy.
Heavy hauling construction trucks require specific lifting tires to get the job done properly. At Mytee Products, we offer both Genie Scissor Lift Tires and New SkyJack Scissor Lift Wheels! Scissor lift tires are used to add or subtract additional support to your truck, depending on the weight of your cargo. Skyjack scissor lift tires and Genie scissor lift wheels are high-quality and recommended tires for construction and heavy-hauling trucks. At Mytee Products, you’ll find all your tire and wheel assembly needs!

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  1. Genie Scissor Lift Tires
  2. SkyJack Scissor Lift Tires
  3. JLG Scissor Lift Tire/Wheel
  4. Haulotte 2820302890 Non-Marking Tire - 15"x5"
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Knowing the operation of your scissor lift tire and wheel assembly mainly depends on the condition of your truck’s tires. Obviously, no matter what type of cargo you transport it’s not wise to make the trek on damaged, deflated, or weak tires. However, if you aren’t sure what tires to purchase that will fit your construction needs, we sell high-quality, heavy-duty scissor lift tires at Mytee Products!
You’ll find new Genie scissor lift wheels and Skyjack scissor lift tires below. These scissor lift tires include non-marking wheel assembly! At Mytee Products, we use grey, non-marking rubber which is designed to withstand tough terrain and has a long lifespan!


Genie Scissor Lift Wheels:

Genie products are used in a wide range of applications and industries, including the trucking and construction industries! They are best known for their versatility for indoor jobs! Additionally, Genie Scissor Lift Assemblies are designed with a unique and dynamic front wheel braking system. The rear wheels are also built with multiple disc brakes for smooth and safe deceleration. When you need a non-marking wheel assembly for those heavy-duty, rough surfaces, then consider investing in our New Genie scissor lift wheels!

Genie Scissor Lift Wheels

The biggest perk for a Genie scissor lift wheel is that they are known to be slightly more stable than other lift brands. If you want a reliable, trucking-approved investment, then Genie Non-Marking Wheel Assemblies are the choice for you!

SkyJack Scissor Lift Wheels:

If you want a brand that takes pride in the products they create, SkyJack scissor lift wheels are a terrific choice for you! SkyJack wheel assemblies are easy to service and maintain, using simple designs that don’t require special tools or knowledge to use! Additionally, SkyJack offers an incredibly informative online training program that meets ANSI/ITSDF, CA, and OSHA requirements!
If you want scissor lift wheels that take pride in their manufacturer and are built to last no matter the tough environments ahead, then investing in SkyJack Non-marking Wheel Assembly is a perfect choice for you!

SkyJack Scissor Lift Wheels


  • These heavy-duty scissor lift tires should be checked daily or after every use.
  • Checking for missing chunks or pieces of the rubber and cracks can help prevent a scissor lift tire failure.
  • It’s recommended that, should you need to replace a Genie lift tire or Skyjack scissor lift wheel, you replace all lift tires at the same time.
  • With regular and proper maintenance, a high-quality scissor lift wheel can last up to 30 years!


How do you know you’re choosing the right scissor lift tire for you? Skyjack and Genie lift wheels are different in comparison to other heavy-duty tires, like tractor or semi-truck wheels because they lack a uniform measurement system. Scissor lift tires are unique because the size differs based on brands and the model of the aerial work platform.
The best way to determine which Skyjack Scissor Lift Tire or Genie Non-Marking Wheel Assembly to use on your construction site is to look up the part number and make a decision based on the parts manual. Additionally, you can call our customer service line and we will be happy to help you!
You can count on us to have all the products you need for heavy-hauling and construction equipment! From getting a great price to receiving a reliable, long-lasting product, we are here to help you with all your trucking needs! Haul safe and earn more with Mytee Products.