Bucket Cutting Edges & Blades

Mytee Products introduces their new Viking Cutting Edges & Blades. Both our bolt on and weld-on cutting edge styles offer precise cutting of your materials. They can be used across different industries such as agriculture, landscaping, construction and even industrial. These high-quality cutting edges will enhance your combine’s performance. Not to mention, you’ll save a few bucks on maintenance and repair costs. Our durable and precise loader bucket blades will get the job done.

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  1. Single Bevel Skid Steer Bucket Cutting Edge Blade
  2. (10 Pack) Plow Bolt 40cr Nut Blades Cutting Edge 5/8" 11 x 2-1/4 Grade 8 Dome Head
  3. (15 Pack) Plow Bolt 40cr Nut Blades Cutting Edge 3/4" 10 x 2-1/2 Grade 8 Dome Head
  4. Weld on Cutting edge, BORON steel w/ Minimum 500HB Hardness - 4" x 1/2"
  5. Weld on Cutting edge, BORON steel w/ Minimum 500HB Hardness - 6" x 5/8"
  6. Weld on Cutting edge, BORON steel w/ Minimum 500HB Hardness - 8" x 3/4"
  7. Double Bevel Skid Steer Bucket Cutting Edge Blade w/ Hardware, 30Mn Steel - 74-1/2" x 6-1/2" x 5/8"
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The Specs On Our Bucket Cutting Edges

We have several different styles of the skid steer bucket cutting edge on hand. More importantly, they all come with unique features and specs.

  1. Installation Types of Cutting Edges & Blades: Mytee’s new Viking tractor loader bucket cutting edge will feature a double bevel bolt-on cutting edge blade ideal for low-impact construction and farming tasks that offers two times better trimming. Additionally, we offer a single bevel weld-on cutting-edge blade designed for mining and other heavy-duty applications. 
  2. The Number Of Bevels: Our cutting blade for your skid steer bucket comes with a specific number of bevels, such as a single-style one. Other blades feature two bevels, making your job all the more easier. 
  3. Made Out Two Types Of Steel: We offer multiple options for replacement cutting edges for buckets in the market, including C80, ASTM, 1055 Carbon Steel, 30MnB, and the most common durable and corrosion-resistant 16Mn Manganese steel. Currently, we have 16Mn & 30MnB versions, along with the best option in the market: Nordic Steel. Nordic Steel has higher strength and hardness of up to 500 HRB, specially made in Sweden that’ll ensure a long-lasting wear quality. 
  4. Available Sizes: Their widths range from 4” to 8”, have lengths going from 12” to 84”, and have thickness levels ranging from ¾” to ½.” 
  5. Durable Finish: While our skid steers cutting edge styles come in a Rust Proof Yellow Finish. The finish also helps fight off early signs of rust and corrosion.

How To Use Our Loader Bucket Blades

Our loader bucket cutting edges are not only durable but they’re also very versatile. Our bolt-on and weld-on cutting-edge products come in various sizes, ranging in lengths from 66” to 84”, weighing anywhere from 41.36 lbs to 92.2 lbs, and can either feature single or double bevels. 
They’re varying configurations allow them to be compatible with Excavators, Skid Steer Loaders, Tractors, and Front Loaders. These heated-treated blades may even last you a few years, which will lessen the burden of having to constantly replace them. 
Clearly, our tractor bucket blade is used to secure the loader bucket by impact during Mining, Construction Sites, Digging & more. Our cutting edges can even remove excess concrete. At the end of the day, Mytee Products’ tractor bucket blade will offer you an efficient and precise cutting of your materials.

Check Out Our Accessories

Along with our new Skid Steer Bucket Cutting Edge, we have additional pieces of hardware and accessories on hand. Our nuts and bolts sets come in interesting configurations as well. They are available in a standard size to use with the majority of industrial equipment, feature 3/4" to 5/8" hex nuts, and have a UNC of 10 or 11  with Grade 8 Dome Head. There are loads of great perks to using our skid steer bucket blade and their accessories.