Air Brake Hose, Line, Coils & Repair Kits

Smart truckers keep a stock of hoses on board so that they can make their own minor repairs on the road. Your stock of hoses tubes for trailers should include air brake hose and coils. As you already know, hose failure is a normal part of over-the-road trucking. Keeping enough hose in your toolbox will allow you to make your own repairs rather than having to waste time with a tow and a garage repair.

We carry several types of hoses including three-in-one ABS hoses and coiled hoses for air brakes. We also carry accessories including air brake tubing, glad-hands, pogo sticks, and pin locks. Every item in our inventory has its own product page containing all the essential information you need to know before purchase.

Do not get stuck out on the road due to a minor hose failure. Instead, stock your toolbox with a selection of air brake hoses, assemblies, coils, repair kits, parts and more for completing the most common repairs on the go. Use our truck trailer and semi-truck air line repair kit to keep the wheels moving and the money coming in.

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Meaning of Air Brake Hoses

Air brake hoses, also called air brake tubing, connect the different parts of the air brake systems on your tractor-trailer together, so the systems can function as a whole.

Drivers use different colored tubing to distinguish between the emergency brake system and the service brake system.

Tractors and trailers come with air brake hoses already. But, these hoses can take on damage or simply wear out over time. This is especially true for the length of tubing that crosses from the tractor to the trailer, this tubing is more exposed, and it is subject to more tension and stretching than the hoses connecting other parts of the brake systems.

That’s why it’s important to be aware of the state of your truck trailer and semi truck air line repair kits  and accessories like air brake hoses, coils, lines, and more parts so you can replace them when you need to.

Best Time to Replace Air Brake Tubing

It’s important to visually check your air brake hoses, coils, repair kits, and parts regularly. Hoses with cracks or holes, and hoses and tubing that are visibly worn or damaged, should be replaced immediately.

Beyond that the Department of Transportation (DOT) recommends getting your brake systems professionally inspected every time you have your semi-trailer’s oil changed.

How do I know if my air brake hoses and fittings comply with DOT regulations?

Air brake tubing and fittings that meet or exceed DOT standards have an official DOT designation stamped on the hose or fitting itself.

Air Brake Tubing and Accessory Options

1. Tubing Options

Air brake hoses come in different lengths and sizes. Generally, thicker air brake tubing has a higher minimum bend radius, but a lower burst pressure at room temperature.

2. Accessory Options

Some accessories you might want to use when working with your air brake system hoses are:

  • Pogo Sticks: Pogo sticks are spring-mounted tools that facilitate the connection of the air brake hose between the tractor and trailer of your semi
  • Tender Kits: Tender kits are also used to help you connect the air tubing between the tractor and the trailer. While they’re similar to pogo sticks, tender kits have beefy clamp hangers and protective sleeves to make installation smoother.

Things to Know About Mytee’s Air Brake Hoses

Mytee’s air brake tubing and fittings not only meet but exceed DOT standards on many fronts. For example, in addition to being ozone resistant, which is mandatory, Mytee’s hoses are also UV resistant.

  • As always, Mytee Products is committed to delivering high-quality products at affordable rates.
  • Our air brake hoses and fittings will keep your break system in tip-top shape for long while, and the low cost makes it easy to replace them as frequently as you need to.
  • We offer Air brake coil assemblies. Coil assemblies are sets of multiple tubes designed specifically to run from the part of the ABS in the tractor to the parts in the trailer.
  • The coils empower the tubes to contract and expand as the truck turns, as turning stretches the tubing over a longer distance.
  • We also offer popular 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 combination products, which empower you to effectively manage your air brake hoses for more than one of your air brake systems while also maintaining the power lines that fuel the lights on the back of your trailer.