2-Inch Winch Straps

Flatbed Truckers can’t go wrong when they use our 2-inch winch straps. These industrial straps are the most commonly used tie-down methods in the trucking industry. In particular, 2-inch winch straps are one of the most popular sizes used to secure oversized or large loads. Mytee Products sells a sizable variety of 2” winch straps, varying in styles, types, sizes and colors for all kinds of trailers.

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  1. 2" x 30' Winch Straps with Flat Hook
    As low as $6.99
  2. 2" x 30' Orange Winch Strap with Flat Hooks 3,333 lbs WLL- High Abrasion
    As low as $9.49
  3. 2" x 8' Winch Strap w/ RTJ Cluster Hook
    As low as $12.59
  4. 2" x 30' Ratchet Straps w/flat hook WLL 3,333 lbs with Cordura Sleeve - Black
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2-Inch Winch Straps Work So Well For Cargo Securement

All in all, 2-inch winch straps excel at cargo securement. Additionally, 2” inch winch straps are considered one of the most inexpensive ways to secure cargo. You don’t need a bunch of additional hardware to tighten them over your flatbed trailer. Instead, just use a winch bar to tighten your winch straps and you’re ready to go.

Similar to the 3-inch and 4-inch winch straps, this flatbed winch strap can be used with the addition of corner protectors. Fewer cuts in the webbing or burns from friction during transit equals extending the life of your flatbed winch straps.

Our 2-Inch Flatbed Winch Straps Construction

What makes these 2-inch flatbed straps all the better, is their high-quality polyester, tie-down webbing. The material provides a great amount of strength with minimal stretching capabilities. Even better, the webbing in these tie-down straps prevents early wear and tear and makes them durable against inclement weather.

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Our 2” winch straps are the perfect addition to your flatbed trailer. Here are the different types of 2” inch flatbed straps we offer at Mytee Products:

  • 2"x30' Winch Strap with Flat Hook: Starting us off right, this 30 ft winch strap comes with several perks. For one, it has a WLL of 3,335 lbs and a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs. Additionally, this light-duty winch strap can replace webbing on any 2” ratchet strap easily.
  • 2" Winch Strap with Chain Anchor: Another 30-foot winch strap, this type has a slightly lower WLL of 3,333lbs. Though, the winch strap makes up for it with a breaking strength of 10,000 lbs. The best feature, the flatbed strap winch uses a G70 3/8” chain anchor that’s 19” long.
  • 2" x 8' Winch Strap w/ RTJ Cluster Hook: The 2” x 8’ Winch Strap with an RTJ Cluster Hook has the same WLL as the previous style.  Primarily used to haul cars, it can make your flatbed more versatile by offering several different ways to tie down your vehicle. A unique feature about this 2” inch winch strap is that it can also accommodate a 2” Twisted Snap Hook.

Buy Our 2-Inch Winch Straps Today

Mytee Products always has what flatbed truckers like you need. We have a wide range of winch straps, including 2” inch winch straps, to assist with your cargo hauling needs. As always, we’re here to help truckers like you earn more, haul safe and save money.