Winch Cables & Accessories

We carry a wide section of winch cables in various sizes and core options along with accessories and replacement options. Our winch cables are specially designed for tow truck operators, rollbacks, and off-road uses. This is the extensive equipment selection for the tow truck operators. That stock includes the tow truck winch cables that make it possible to complete complex recoveries.

Winch cables are the critical link between your truck and a vehicle being recovered. The strength of your operation is only as strong as the cables you use, which is why you demand the very best. At Mytee Products, you will find configurations featuring various cable lengths and a number of different hooks of winch cable, repair kits, and more accessories.

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15 Items

  1. 7/16" Wire Rope Steel Winch Cable with Locking Swivel Hook
  2. 1/2" Wire Rope Steel Winch Cable with Locking Swivel Hook
  3. 3/8" Wire Rope Steel Winch Cable with Locking Swivel Hook
  4. Super Swage Winch Line With Self Locking Hook
  5. Mytee Products Swaged Winch Wire 3/8" w/ Self Locking Hook, 5700 lbs WLL
  6. Self Locking Swivel Hook Grade 80
  7. B/A Products Snatch Block w/ Swivel Shackle, Twist Lock & 30" Chains, 4 Ton 4.5" Sheave
  8. Snatch Block with Hook
  9. Snatch Block with Shackle
  10. 2 Ton 3" Snatch Block w/ 3/8" Winch Cable - Self-Locking Swivel Hook
  11. Yoke Alloy Snatch Block w/ Swivel Hook & Latch
  12. Mytee Products Recovery Kit 11pc
    As low as $119.99
  13. Towing Recovery Winch Snatch Blocks with the Capacity of 4-10 Ton
  14. Mytee Medium Outrigger Pad - Black
  15. Cable Tensioner & Guide for Different Size Wire Rope
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Tow Truck Winch Cable

Winch cables are used by tow trucks to recover wrecked cars or vehicles. These cables spool around electric winches mounted on the back of the truck. The electric winch can wind up a strong, unspooled cable quickly, so a tow trucker can haul an attached car out of a tough spot and load the car onto the tow truck's trailer or flatbed effectively.

Whether you are looking for a 1/2-inch cable with a locking swivel hook or a super swage winch line that is resistant to abrasion and pig-tailing and has a higher WLL than standard wire winch rope, Mytee Products has you covered. Please feel free to browse our winch cables inventory and accessories.

Winch Cable Options at Mytee Products

All of Mytee Products’ galvanized steel cables are strong, durable, and crush-resistant. Tow truck drivers can take advantage of a wide range of winch rope options. Winch cables contain different cores, come in different lengths, and end in different hooks.

Fiber Core Cable

A fiber core rope has less strength than other core types, but more flexibility. Some fiber cores are made of organized material, like hemp, but we offer a synthetic winch cable option: our fiber core winch cables are made from polypropylene and steel.

Steel Core Cable

A steel wire strand core cable is made of strands of steel made into a rope-like core. This type of steel winch cable offers a good compromise, as it’s stronger than a fiber core cable but less flexible than a fiber core cable.

Steel Wire Rope

A steel wire winch rope has a steel core, similar to that of the steel core winch cable. In a wire rope, the steel wires are thinner than the steel strands, but there are more of them forming the core. This is the most heavy-duty winch cable.

Steel wire ropes, fiber core cables, and steel core cables are all called steel winch cables. While they vary in strength and flexibility, their properties are very similar overall.

Length and Thickness Options

Mytee’s winch cables range in thickness from 3/8” to 1/2” thick. They come in spools of 50’ to 150’ of cable. Available in a variety of hook options to choose from when you’re looking for an end-fitting for your winch rope, including hooked snatch blocks, swivel hooks, grab hooks, and locking hooks.

What Makes Mytee’s Winch Cables Stand Out?

  • Our high-quality winch cables don’t cut corners, each strand has a high wire count, and the independent wire rope resists crushing.

  • Our hooks are attached using the highest possible quality steel sleeves and flemish eye splices.

  • Yet, even with these metrics, we’re priced lower than anyone else.

  • We never cut corners; instead, we hand-select high-quality products and vendors who share our commitment to saving you money.

  • We give you tools that will last a long time, so you can tow more, and earn more, for less.

As always, Mytee Products wants you to haul safely and earn more. Check our more auto hauling and towing equipment to fulfill your hauling and towing requirements.