Enclosed Trailer Accessories & Equipment

Enclosed trailers require specific accessories and equipment that are essential to making sure your cargo is protected from damage while in transit. Whether you’re hauling palletized cargo or fragile equipment and products, you need to ensure that the equipment you’re using is right for the job. At Mytee Products we offer a selection of equipment and solutions essential to your haul!

Enclosed Tie-Down Supplies


An e-track is one of the most common and efficient additions you can make to your enclosed trailer. It is a heavy-duty, metal track designed to create anchor points inside your trailer. Most enclosed trailers have these tracks on the walls already, but E-tracks can be used to create anchor points inside your trailer that makes your cargo even more secure whether it’s a motorcycle or even a full-sized vehicle. 

We offer vertical e-tracks and horizontal e-tracks in painted or galvanized finishes, and are very simple to install anywhere in your trailer!

Load Bars Cargo Door Locks

Load bars also referred to as cargo bars or load locks, are easy-to-use shoring beams that are either installed or attached inside your cargo van or enclosed trailer to ensure cargo doesn’t shift during transit. Mytee Products offers a ratcheting load bar made with galvanized steel and 2x4 rubber pads on each end that secures itself on the walls of your trailer. It extends from 89 to 105 inches, and with the ratchet mechanism, makes the grip strong and secure. 

In addition to keeping your cargo secure, we also provide cargo door locks to keep your trailer doors closed and accessible to you and only you. These heavy-duty steel locks attach to the door handles of your trailer and can be locked closed using a master key or combination lock.

Cargo Nets

If you are hauling cargo that’s loose and susceptible to falling out, you are able to prevent that with cargo nets. These nets are constructed from heavy-duty polyester and are designed entirely for your specific needs. Mytee Products has nets that can be attached to D-Rings, tightened securely with ratchet straps with S-Hooks, or even attached to E-tracks. With the best cargo nets on the market, you can’t go wrong with our nets!

Trucking Safety Necessities

From hard hats to safety vests and wheel chocks to beacon lights, We carry personal safety items to make your safety an easy priority. If you aren’t sure or if you have any questions figuring out which of these products can best suit your needs, give us a call at (888) 705-8277!