E-Track Straps

If you have an E-Track system in your trailer, you can’t go wrong with an E-Track Strap. Unlike other straps, these straps utilize the strength of your trailer's walls and or flooring to keep your cargo in place and secure. No matter which type of E-Track you have, whether it’s a horizontal or vertical track, these straps fit them perfectly along with other E-Track Accessories.

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E-Track Tie Downs

E-Track Straps work roughly the same as any other ratchet strap out there, except they only work with E-Track slots. Depending on the variety and amount of slots you have available on your E-Track system, you can get the right spacing between your straps and your cargo and be able to add more straps for efficient securement.

E-Track Straps for E-Track Rails

E-Track Straps come with a special end fitting designed to fit any E-Track or X-Track slot regardless of where or how the track is installed. Because of how versatile an E-Track system is, you can place the strap at any angle or direction without any effect on working load limits. E-Tracks rely on the strength of the enclosed trailer wall or floor it's connected to, so placement is key when working with E-Track Straps.

E-Track Strap Construction

Our E-Track straps are made out of the same material our other heavy-duty straps are made out of, which is a high-strength and flexible polyester webbing capable of withstanding some of the heaviest forces shifting cargo can create. Each strap is color coded to distinguish their differing lengths making use of them easier to manage. Each strap is labeled clearly with their breaking strengths and working load limits.

We carry two types of E-Track Straps, one features an easy-to-use and comfortable ratchet mechanism, while the other features a heavy-duty cam-buckle.

Types of E-Track Straps

While it may seem that E-Track straps are pretty cut and dry as to their types and uses, there are actually a few different types of straps we carry that have different configurations for various applications.

E-Track Straps with J-Hooks

This strap features a ratchet mechanism to safely and properly secure your cargo and features not only an E-track end fitting but a J-Hook as well. The J-Hook allows this strap to be used in other applications that require a D-Ring and or could be connected to an E-Track D-Ring accessory if there’s no open slot for the E-track end fitting to go into.

E-Track Ratchet Straps

Ratchet E-Track Straps are one of the most common straps to be used in securing cargo with E-Tracks. These straps are incredibly versatile and easy to use. Because they have a ratchet mechanism, you’re able to get stronger than a hand-tight grip on your cargo.

E-Track Cam Buckle Straps

Cam Buckle Straps are very easy to use and are perfect for securing cargo quickly. To tighten a cam buckle strap, all you need to do is lift the buckle mechanism, pull the strap as far as you can through the mechanism, and close it to secure the strap and prevent it from loosening.

Working Load Limits for E-Track Straps

Depending on the type of strap you have, you can get an exceptional amount of protection on your cargo. Our Ratchet E-track Straps have a working load limit of 1,333 lbs, the E-Track Straps with J-Hooks have a limit of 500 lbs, and the cam buckle straps have a limit of 833 lbs. Of course, these straps can be used together to increase efficiency.

Mytee Products carries a variety of E-Track accessories along with straps to make full use of your E-Track system. Feel free to check out more of our products like Load Lock Bars, Decking Beams, E-Track Tire Straps, and more in the E-Track category to find the equipment that best suits your needs!

Questions & Answers

What are the differences between E-Track Ratchet Straps vs E-Track Cam Buckle Straps?

One of the most noticeable differences between them is the difference in tightening mechanisms. The Ratchet is able to get stronger than the hand-tight grip on cargo while offering high working load limits.

How much weight can an E-Track hold?

E-Tracks are dependent on the surface they are attached to. The weight E-Track can hold can differ if attached to the floor versus the walls of the trailer, but on average can hold up to 2,000 lbs without issue.

How strong are E-Track Straps?

Depending on the size and type, an E-Track strap can hold up to 1,333 lbs at the most. These straps are best used together to increase the efficiency of the tie-down.