Ratchet Turnbuckles (Specialty Binders)

Specialty binders can be tough to find, especially when you need one for that next job. But Mytee Products has you covered. Our selection of ratchet turnbuckles is perfect for those occasions when your stock binders will just not do. We carry poultry cage binders, jaw-jaws, baler turnbuckles, and more.

Each of our specialty ratchet binders is made by a reputable manufacturer and meets or exceeds all industry and regulatory standards. Our binders are built to last, too. Rest assured that your purchase of an affordably priced specialty binder will mean years of reliable service under normal operating conditions.

We also carry chain binder racks to keep your specialty ratchet binders in one place. 

Also note that if you ever need a specialty binder we do not carry, you can always ask. We do our best to locate whatever a customer needs. That's just the way we do business here.

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15 Items

  1. PRO Heavy Duty Chain Binder Ratchet Style w/ Grab Hooks
  2. Ratchet Turnbuckle Load Binder with Jaws & Jaws
  3. 5/16"-3/8" Ratchet Load Binder with 3/8'' Grab Hook and Eye - WLL 7100 lbs
    As low as $26.99
  4. Durabilt Specialty Pro-Bind Ratchet Binders - DR Series
  5. Durabilt Specialty Pro-Bind Ratchet Binders - DR Series, 1/2 Eye Grab Hook - 5/8 Slip Hook
  6. Durabilt Specialty Pro-Bind Ratchet Binders - DR Series, 3/8 Cradle Grab Hook x 2 & 1/2 Sling Hook
    As low as $97.99
  7. Durabilt Light Pro-Bind Series Ratchet Binders
  8. Ratchets Turnbuckle Eye-Eye, 42K WLL
  9. Ratchets Turnbuckle Eye-Eye-1" Thread x 10" Barrel, 16K WLL
  10. Durabilt Ratchet Binder w/ 3/8" Grab & 1/2" Sling Hook, & 2' G8 Chain & 1/2" Sling Hook
  11. Durabilt Baler Ratchets Turnbuckle-1" Thread x 12" Barrel x 8" Wheel,13K WLL
  12. Ratchets Turnbuckle Jaw-Eye, 28K WLL
  13. Durabilt Specialty Ratchet Binder - SJ Series, Jaw - Swivel Jaw
  14. Ratchets Turnbuckle Jaw-Jaw
  15. Mytee Ratchet Pro Binder w/ 3/8" Grab & 1/2" Sling Hook, & 2' G8 Chain & 1/2" Sling Hook, 7100 WLL
    As low as $65.99
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What are ratchet turnbuckles?

Ratchet turnbuckles are specialty ratchet binders that use a tensioning mechanism as part of an assembly that secures or stabilizes a potentially loose object. They are sometimes called rigging turnbuckles.

Ratchet turnbuckles take up slack and create tension by empowering you to screw the end-fittings--which are joined to other elements of the rig--into the “take up” element of the turnbuckle body.

We also carry chain binder racks to keep your specialty ratchet binders in one place. 

How are ratchet turnbuckles better than other binders for certain jobs?

When it comes to securing goods to haul, ratchets turnbuckle are more effective than other ratchet binders with securing heavier goods with higher working load limits.

For example, a 4” wide ratchet strap with a ratchet binder and a flat hook has a working load limit of 5400 lbs-- not bad! But, not as good as the Durabilt Ratchet Binder w/ D-Ring, 3/8" Grab & 1/2" Sling Hook, & 2' G8 Chain & 1/2" Sling Hook. This ratchet turnbuckle binder has a WLL of 7300 lbs!

Turnbuckle-style ratchet binders also allow for more precision when you add tension to stabilize a load or element. For example, ratchet turnbuckles can be used to create rigs that stabilize young trees that have been transplanted, or securement systems for poultry cages.

When should you use a ratchet turnbuckle?

Use a baler ratchet turnbuckle binder to safely secure a heavy load (typically one that requires a chain for securement), or when the cargo requires a specific, precise degree of tension to be both safe and effective. Ratchet turnbuckles can also be used as an effective tie-down rather than a tensioning mechanism, and they can be used for suspension purposes.

What types of ratchet specialty binders are there?

Ratchet turnbuckle binders vary in four key ways: their end-fittings, their specs, their coatings, and their intended applications.

End-Fitting Options

Ratchet turnbuckles come with the following end-fitting options

Hook end-fittings:

Hooks are typically only used for temporary applications because they are easy to remove. They can also come detached accidentally more readily than other types of end-fittings. For long hauls or extended uses, jaw or eye end-fittings are a better bet. For short-term projects, they’re effective.

Eye end-fittings:

These are closed steel loops with no moving parts. They can connect to most hook and jaw end-fittings.

Jaw end-fittings:

These are the strongest and most secure end-fittings. Ratchet turnbuckle jaw to jaw is heavy-duty, and they can connect to hooks, eyes, D-rings, O-rings, and other anchor points.

Combination end-fittings:

Some ratchet turnbuckles offer a combination of the jaw, eye, and hook end-fittings on a single device. This lets you optimize the ends for your job without purchasing multiple binders.


Ratchet turnbuckles come in different sizes and strength. Check the following specs to get the right turnbuckle.

  • Take-up length: The total length an end fitting can screw into the “take up” in order to create tension.
  • Thread diameter: The thickness of the screw-like, threaded portion of the end fitting.
  • Working Load Limit: The amount of weight the turnbuckle can handle safely.

Note: Please note that the working load limit of a given ratchet turnbuckle will differ depending on whether it is being used to lift something or to secure something with tension.


There are two coating options on steel ratchet turnbuckle binders.

  • Gold chromate, which resists rust, dings and dents, and other damage from weather and elements.
  • Red powder coating, which resists rust and weather damage and maintains the binder’s temperature (unless it’s exposed to extreme heat or cold).

Quality of Mytee’s Ratchet Turnbuckle

Our ratchet turnbuckle binders exceed OSHA safety and durability standards while staying affordably priced. Because at Mytee, we’re committed to helping you haul safe and earn more.