Flatbed Rolling Tarp System

Need help hauling a shipment of concrete for a big construction project? Truck drivers and freight carriers like you need to invest in Mytee Products’ Rolling Tarp System today. These trailer kits will turn your flatbed into the ultimate dry van in a matter of minutes. More importantly, they’re great at protecting your heavier to bulky cargo. Even better, our trailer tarps can be used on a wide variety of truck trailers, such as a flatbed, a removable gooseneck trailer, and even a bumper-pull trailer. 

At Mytee Products, we offer two select styles of rolling tarp systems for your flatbed truck. These include our Tarp System with a Manual Lock and the other with an air closure locking system. Our high-quality sliding tarp systems are sold at affordable prices and come with a long-lasting guarantee. We offer the best Rolling Tarp System in town.

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Tarp System For Flatbed Trailers

Anyone who’s ever worked for a trucking company knows that a sliding tarp system comes in handy for those difficult long hauls. Transporting heavy machinery, construction materials, and even cars is no easy fret. Fortunately, our Flatbed trailer sliding tarp system makes it easy to secure your large or oddly shaped cargo.

Mytee Products flatbed systems are weatherproof, enhance your safety, and even save you a ton of time and money while on the job.  These all-black tarps are made of a durable construction and sold in the same dimensions. If you have any questions about our rolling tarps, including the trailer dimensions and parts, just give our customer service team a call at 1-888-705-8277.

The Benefits Of Flatbed Rolling Tarp Systems

Our Rolling Tarp System comes packed with many benefits:

  • Safety First: You’ll have the ability to safely transport everything from your foreign cars to your heavy machinery. By using our tarp, Professional truckers can avoid on-the-job injuries.

  • Saving You Time & Money: You can save time and money on maintaining and installing your rolling tarp. Using our Rolling Tarp system will also promote better fuel economy. The design of the tarp allows for less wind resistance and prevents your truck’s engine from working too hard.

  • Weatherproof: These tarps save your goods and cargo from destructive weather conditions like rainstorms, road debris, and even harmful UV rays.

  • Seamless Process: You won’t have to stress about the loading and unloading process. It’s easy and fast, without any hassle.

  • A Level of Professionalism: Also, our Sliding tarp flatbed systems add an attractive appeal and a sense of professionalism to your truck. Your sliding tarp trailer will have style.

  • Customize Your Tarp: We also offer custom flatbed tarp systems for your convenience. Your rolling tarps can also be styled in any color, end fitting, or company logo you want.

The Specifications For Our Flatbed Rolling Tarp System

There are tons of great features that our sliding tarps can provide for your flatbed trailer. Check out what we have in store for professional truckers like you:

The Dimensions

They’re 53 feet long, and have the same 8 feet x 6 inches width and 8 feet x 2 inches height dimensions. The size of the retractable trailer tarp helps ensure your cargo is protected at all times. Also, the 53 ft length is pretty standard for most roll tarps as it will adequately fit your flatbed truck.

The Locking Systems

  • Tarp with Air Closure Locking System: One of our select styles of trailer tarps relies heavily on an air pressure closure to help lock it in place over and on top of your materials. 

  • Tarp with Manual Locking System: For this rolling tarp flatbed system, you have to manually lock your tarpaulin in place.

Our Tarps Configurations

  • Color: Mytee Products flatbed systems are featured in all-black coloring.

  • Frame Material: They’re made out of Aluminum with Steel.

  • Tarp Material: Also, the tarp styles are made from 22 Oz Vinyl.

  • Protective Fabric: Its 750 gsm high Gloss, acrylic-coated fabric protects this flatbed rolling tarp from high UV rays and inclement weather conditions.

The Sliding Mechanism

Our heavy-duty tarpaulin for your rolling tarp flatbed has an adjustable mechanism that allows you to cover and uncover your cargo fast. You won’t even break your back doing so.

The Front Tensioning System

You don’t even have to open the rear door of your truck to unroll your tarp system. You can load and unload your cargo by sliding the tarp from the side.

The Rear Locks Come With A Tarp Tensioning Adjustment

Our tarp features an easy-to-operate locking mechanism and an adjustable tarp tension to ensure it covers your cargo efficiently.

The Single & Double Lifting Bow

The single lifting bow is positioned at the center of your trailer and can be used to hold up your tarp as it rolls back and forth. It’s typically featured on both our tarp systems. On the other hand, the double-lifting bow forms a tent to provide sufficient clearance for your taller or bulky cargo. Only our Tarp System with an Air Closure Locking System features this aspect.

The Front & Rear Bow Assembly

The front and rear bows of the roll tarp are wide and help make for an effortless roll. They also offer better stability for your load.

Roll Tarp System For Different Trailers

Now we’ll demonstrate how you can use our Flatbed Rolling Tarp System on any truck trailer. Keep in mind that you have to buy your tarps specifically for the size of your trailer.

  • Flatbed Trailers: By using a rolling tarp system, you’ll be able to easily load and unload your cargo. In particular, a flatbed trailer allows you to do so from the sides and back of the trailer. 

  • Removable Gooseneck Trailers: For an RGN, a roll tarp provides a high level of convenience and security for your cargo. No matter if you haul large machinery or a vehicle, our tarp for your gooseneck trailer will ensure your load is protected at all times. 

  • Step-Deck Trailers: Often used to haul heavier loads, these types of trailers are often paired with a roll tarp system. Our Tarp systems can extend and retract to provide coverage over either your tall or bulky cargo on the varying deck levels of your trailer. 

  • Lowboy Trailers: On the other hand, the Lowboy Trailers may already feature a built-in roll tarp system. If not, you may need to install a removable style over your cargo by hand. Fortunately, our tarps allow you to easily cover and uncover your cargo while walking alongside the trailer. You won’t have to worry about climbing over your trailer or risk breaking any limbs. 

  • Hotshot Trailers: Hotshot trailers are smaller and more flexible in comparison to your Lowboy styles. A roll tarp system can protect your more fragile and smaller loads from harsh weather conditions and possible theft. Additionally, you’ll have easier access to your load on this trailer using this tarp system. 

  • Bumper-Pull Trailers: Lastly, using our tarp system on a Bumper-Pull trailer may seem impossible but it’s pretty easy. All you have to do is secure your tarp and its roll-up mechanism to your trailer’s frame. The side rails to the frame of your truck’s trailer will help roll your tarp up and down.

How To Choose The Best Tarping System

Of course, you should always do your homework on what roll tarp system will work best for the job. You want a sliding tarp system that’s easy to operate. It can all be done from the ground and while walking along your trailer.

Additionally, the tarp should have a long-lasting quality. It’s also important that they provide sufficient coverage over your loads as well. No matter if you’re hauling gravel, lumber, a destroyed vehicle, or even a tractor, make sure your roll tarp will cover your load.

Checking the warranties can also help you decide if this is the right roll tarp for your cargo. Most warranties state that you’ll have to return to the manufacturer to avoid being charged for any repairs. However, you could shop around and talk to other owners to see if you’re getting the best tarp around.

When it comes to maintenance, you can’t skip out on doing the bare minimum. Simply wiping down the side rails on your trailer regularly will reduce dirt and grime buildup. Plus, the aluminum construction of your roll tarp is very susceptible to debris and can lead to early signs of corrosion. You should also inspect your system for any loose parts and perform any repairs needed immediately.

Additionally, if you are looking to buy the best rolling tarp systems for your flatbed trailer, you can trust Mytee Products for all your needs. Don’t forget to explore our other tarping systems and accessories.

Questions & Answers

What types of rolling tarps system you offer?

At Mytee Products, we offer 2 distinct types of rolling tarps system. First uses manual locking, whereas the second is based on air pressure closure. Single lifting bows are available for both and double lifting bows are only available with air pressure.

Do you guys offer customization for Rolling Tarp Size, Closure type & Assembly?

Yes, we do customization in tarp size, choose between an air or manual closing, and use any of our various assembly parts to suit your needs.

Are there any specific maintenance requirements for rolling tarp systems?

There are a few maintenance protocols you can follow to ensure your rolling tarps remain in good working condition. Cleaning the tarp and the entire system in general with mild soap and water will go a long way. You won’t have to worry about grime buildup, which can eat away at the aluminum construction of your tarps. Also, keep your components nice and greased up, especially the wheels and ratchets, to promote the smooth operation of your tarp. Of course, you should always check for any early signs of wear and tear. Even scheduling maintenance of your entire roll tarp system will help prevent minor issues from turning into bigger ones. At the end of the day, you want a sliding tarp system to enhance the level of protection surrounding your cargo.