Rigging Hardware Supply

When you rely on your rigging hardware to load, unload, and secure valuable cargo, the last thing you need is to arrive at a job only to discover that you do not have the right rigging hardware on hand. Don't let that happen- you can avoid this situation by going through our complete rigging equipment supply at Mytee Products to find everything you need! Stock your toolbox with one of the best rigging hardware suppliers on the market!

Mytee Products is proud to offer an extensive rigging equipment supply that includes everything from wire rope to turnbuckles to a variety of block and tackle pieces. Each piece in our inventory is built to last with high-grade materials and superior design. You will find our prices extremely competitive compared to other rigging hardware suppliers.

Whatever you do, do not skimp on your rigging hardware supply. Invest a little more in higher-quality pieces. With a toolbox full of high-quality, durable, and long-lasting rigging supplies from Mytee Products, you will be well-prepared for any job!

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24 Items

  1. Snatch Block with Shackle and Chain Anchor
  2. Snatch Block with Shackle
  3. Oblong Master Link Grade 100, 4:1 Safety Factor
  4. Vertical Drum Lifter Chain 2000 Lbs Capacity
    As low as $34.99
  5. Omega Link G80
  6. Snatch Block with Hook
  7. Portable Strapping Cart Dispenser W/ Storage Tray - 16"x6" & 16"x3" Core
    As low as $189.99
  8. Car Trailer Rollback Tie Down Starter Kit
  9. G100 3/8" x 30" Chain Extension with Connector Link and Grab Hook
    As low as $26.99
  10. B/A Products Snatch Block w/ Swivel Shackle, Twist Lock & 30" Chains, 4 Ton 4.5" Sheave
  11. Yoke Alloy Snatch Block w/ Swivel Hook & Latch
  12. Galvanized Aircraft Steel Wire Rope Cable 7x7
  13. 250 ft. x 1/8 in. Aircraft Cable Wire Rope - Galvanized & 7x19 Strands Construction
    As low as $34.99
  14. 2 Ton 3" Snatch Block w/ 3/8" Winch Cable - Self-Locking Swivel Hook
  15. Malleable Wire Rope Clips
  16. Aluminum Oval Stops
  17. Wire Rope Thimbles Heavy Duty
  18. Forged Wire Rope Clips
  19. Aluminum Oval Sleeves
  20. Hot Galvanized Steel Frame, Drop Forged Ends Turnbuckle, Eye & Eye
  21. Hot Galvanized Steel Frame, Drop Forged Ends Turnbuckle, Eye & Hook
  22. Hot Galvanized Steel Frame, Drop Forged Ends Turnbuckle, Hook & Hook
  23. Hot Galvanized Steel Frame, Drop Forged Ends Turnbuckle, Jaw & Jaw
  24. Steel Frame Turnbuckle Stub End 1/2" x 6"
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About the Rigging Hardware

Rigging equipment encompasses a variety of tools and resources that work together to create safe, durable rigging systems for a variety of different industrial jobs. Rigging systems are a method of securing cargo, lifting cargo, and unloading cargo in the course of long-distance transportation or hauling.

The specifics of a rigging system depend on the nature of the cargo (weight, size, fragility, etc.), the height of the truck or barge, and environmental factors.

When to Use Rigging Equipment?

Rigging hardware is used during towing jobs that require vehicle recovery. It can also be used with auto-hauling jobs.

Beyond that, any time a piece of cargo must be lifted by a crane or tow cable, secured onto a flatbed, or loaded into a flatbed or semi-trailer with a forklift, a high-quality lifting & rigging supply can be useful for the job.

Advantages of Rigging Hardware Use

  • Rigging equipment is incredibly strong. It’s designed to work with heavy loads safely, and most rigging equipment has a high working load limit-- typically a limit that surpasses that of polyester webbing ratchet straps or winch straps .
  • It’s important to check the WLL of any tool you use, though, just to make sure.
  • Rigging hardware can be adjusted to secure loads of different sizes, and it can be used to manipulate and disperse tension. That way, you can utilize the force you need to tightly secure or lift a piece of cargo without letting the tension crush or damage the cargo.
  • Different pieces of equipment take advantage of physics to lift incredibly heavy goods with only a few pulleys or snatch blocks, letting the job get done smoothly and quickly.

Rigging Hardware Options

Steel Wire Ropes

Steel wire rope is a versatile alternative to chains, as it’s constructed of metal wire strands all braided together around a main core. The rope’s material allows for flexibility and increased tensile and crushing strength for lifting, hoisting, and towing. Additionally, it’s dripped in galvanized steel to provide a thicker zinc coating for superior corrosion and abrasion resistance.

Wire Rope Thimbles

A wire rope thimble is a tear-drop-shaped piece of metal that fits within a wire rope eye. This thimble helps maintain the loop’s shape to prevent crushing, fraying, or pinching of the loop when in use with other rigging hardware. Adding this protection not only provides a measure of safety, but it will lengthen the working life of your wire ropes!

Aluminum Oval Sleeves

Aluminum oval sleeves are clamp fittings that are used to form loops or connect wire ropes together. These wire rope sleeves are fixed to the rope by swaging (also called crimping) in order to make sure the rope maintains its oval loop shape.

Aluminum Oval Stops

Aluminum oval stops are stop sleeves for wire rope which are able to hold between ⅓ to ½ of the rated breaking strength of the cable they’re attached to. They anchor the line in a way that creates a termination point at the end of the rope to prevent the end of the rope from slipping through any gaps or holes in other material. Though not as strong as our aluminum oval sleeves, they are a simpler way to swage a cord as they don’t require a loop or eye to be formed. Our oval stops will prevent fraying and provide a more solid alternative to wire rope clips.

Snatch Blocks

A snatch block is a heavy-duty pulley inside a tough, removable metal casing primarily designed for handling heavy cargo. It works as a pulley point that can redirect the direction or course of a winch line from a fixed point, and can increase the lifting or pulling capacity of wire rope.

Wire Rope Clips

Wire rope clips are often called U-bolt cable clips or single-saddle rope clips. These are easy to install, remove, and move, which makes a great alternative to permanent wire rope sleeves. They are not designed to be used in an overhead lifting situation. At least two wire rope clips are necessary to establish a secure attachment.

Bolt Shackles

Bolt shackles provide a secure version of rigging with bolt and nut combinations. Bolt shackles are practical and common for many rigging applications where an anchor bolt is expected to experience rotation and tension. The tightening nut and pin remove the need to tighten the pin prior to every lift or movement, so bolt shackles are a great choice for long-term installations or in situations where a load may slide and turn or rotate the shackle.

Chain Slings

When using chain slings for any lifting or rigging jobs, it’s recommended by OSHA to use Grade 80 and above chains slings. The strength of Grade 80 chains are designed to handle the stress and weight of heavy cargo and pulling, lifting, and rigging applications. Always make sure you are not exceeding the working load limit of any given chain - there is no such thing as too many chain slings!

Galvanized Steel Frame Turnbuckles

A turnbuckle is a device used for increasing the tension of a wire, rope, chain, or other rigging lines. Our galvanized steel frame turnbuckles allow you to easily manipulate anchor points by rotation, allowing the body to pull them closer together or push them further apart. Designed for strength, durability, and to last you a longtime, you can rely on this rigging hardware to get the job done fast, easy, and safe!

Rigging Blocks

Rigging blocks are commonly designed for use to save or protect ropes and chains from any wear and tear during lifting and rigging jobs. You can also change the direction of force with these rigging blocks. They are designed for lasting durability and protection in nearly all outdoor and rigging conditions!


Pulleys differ from other equipment such as snatch blocks because they are closed, meaning you must thread the line, rope, or chain through the axle rather than opening the tool to easily fit the wire or rope inside. Pulleys are ideal for when you need to haul or pull equipment or cargo long distances.

Gin Wheels

A common and basic or standard design of scaffold hoisting, gin wheels are simple pulley devices that easily connect to a scaffold tube. A long rope, chain, or wire can run up and around the wheel to create a hand operated and controlled hoist. For cargo that can safely and easily be lifted by manpower, gin wheels are easy to set up and use!

Rigging Hardware Material

No matter what you are lifting or rigging, the rigging hardware and rigging supplier you choose is some of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Your gear is the difference between a job well done and a preventable accident. When a rigging equipment supply is improperly used, the strength and safety of your entire rigging setup drastically reduces and can become dangerous. That is why it’s integral that you choose the highest quality material for your rigging equipment supply.

The most reliable rigging hardware suppliers will know just how important having good quality equipment is and how it is integral to ensuring safety on a rigging job. At Mytee Products, we understand this importance and place your safety above all else. Our rigging supply tools are made from the same strong, corrosion-resistant material as our competitors but at prices you can afford.

You shouldn’t have to break your bank for a safe, long-lasting rigging equipment supply. Mytee Products is committed to providing you with the best rigging hardware at the best price!