14 oz Vinyl Steel Tarps

Mytee Products sells heavy-duty but Super Light 14oz Vinyl Steel Tarps to suit your trucking needs. Considered both Steel and Machinery Tarps, it’s perfect for cargo securement and great at protecting your load from environmental factors. Though, they’re best suited for 52ft flatbed trailers. Additionally, they’re made out of lighter-weight materials, like parachute fabric.

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  1. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 16x18 - Blue
    As low as $137.49
  2. Superlight 14oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27'
    As low as $179.99
  3. Super Light 14oz Steel Tarp 16' x 27' with Flap
    As low as $189.99
  4. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 24x18
  5. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 20x18 - Black
    As low as $184.99
  6. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 16x18 - Black
    As low as $137.49
  7. Super Light 14 Oz Steel Tarp 28x18 - Black
    As low as $208.99
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14 oz Vinyl Steel Tarps for Sale

Truckers should know that it’s best to use corner or edge protectors when using steel tarps with parachute fabric. Our 14oz vinyl steel tarps are similar to our other strong lumber tarps, but these heavy-duty waterproof tarps lack an end flap. Though, what they lack, they make up for in other features. They have drop heights that range between 4ft to 10ft and have 2 to 4 rows of “D” rings box stitched into its durable material. The 14oz Vinyl Steel Tarp has the same level of performance as the 18oz tarp model and is stronger than other lightweight tarps made out of parachute material.

Other key aspects include size lengths ranging from 16’ x 18’ to 28’ x 28,’ colors varying between black and blue and they can weigh anywhere from 33 lbs to 60 lbs. These steel tarps make cargo securement feel like a breeze.