3 Piece Steel Tarps

If truckers are looking for a little versatility and flexibility with their cargo securement, then the 3 piece steel tarps are the way to go. This tarp also has the same strength capabilities as the 18oz Vinyl Steel Tarp but at 25% lesser weight. The 3 piece has similarities to the other vinyl steel tarps but they do have their own special features.

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  1. Superlight 14oz 3 Pc Steel Tarp (4' Drop)
    As low as $469.99
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Shop 3 Piece Steel Tarps from Mytee Products

We offer two types of 3-piece steel tarps, which include the heavy-duty 18 oz 3 Pc lumber tarps and the superlight 14 oz 3 Pc steel tarp. They share many of the same features as the other categories of our flatbed tarps. Though, they do have varying drop heights that range from 4ft to 10ft, and have 2 to 3 “D” Rings box stitched into the material. They also come in the standard size length of 16x18 ft and can weigh anywhere from 104 lbs to 151 lbs. 

The three-piece version gives a step-deck trucker the option to use all three or even just a few tarps, depending on their load size. Be sure to check out these lumber tarps we have on sale now.