Farming Accessories

Mytee Products knows what farming workers are looking for in a good quality product. We even have a wide assortment of Harvesting tools and farming accessories for sale. We know how essential these pieces of equipment are to agriculture. You may need to use them for harvesting crops, tending to livestock, and maintaining a farm. At our company, we sell all kinds of agriculture tools like cowbells, Post Drivers, Grease, Fluid, Sickle Guards, and even a Hay Hook. Our high-quality and affordable agriculture equipment will surely enhance your work productivity.

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  1. Lever Handle and Pistol Grip Grease Gun, with Blaster Extra Heavy Duty Grease
  2. BLUEDEF Diesel Exhaust Fluid, 2.5 gal
    As low as $13.49
  3. NLGI Grade 2, 14oz Cartridge Blaster Grease
  4. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere part# H229537 and H229538
  5. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 87702973, 86615982, and 219190
  6. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits MacDon part# 118344 and 215DH
  7. AgraLink 11" Red Hay Hook
  8. AgraLink Kentucky Cow Bell, Powder Coated
  9. AgraLink Post Drivers
  10. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits MacDon part# 118344
    As low as $8.49
  11. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 87702973
    As low as $8.49
  12. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere part# H229537
    As low as $9.99
  13. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits John Deere part# H229538
    As low as $9.99
  14. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 86615982
    As low as $8.49
  15. Combine Platform Sickle Guard fits New Holland part# 219190
    As low as $8.49
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An Overview Of Our Farming Tools Equipment

We know how hard work on a farm can be. That’s why we’ve hand-picked a variety of different agricultural products and cleaning solutions to help make your job easier. We want to help enhance your productivity. These tools used by farmers will benefit you in so many ways, such as improving job operations, livestock tracking in real-time, and extending the life of your equipment. 

Here at Mytee Products, we believe our customers should buy quality farm supplies. Our endless line of agriculture accessories will make your work day on the farm feel like a walk in the park. Not to mention, our farm equipment prices are affordable and help you save more money. Let’s go over just some of the many ways our products can help benefit you:

  • Operational Efficiency: Using agriculture hand tools and equipment like hay hooks, post drivers, and sickle guards can help you utilize your time better and improve your work productivity on your farm. You’ll be able to do everything from harvesting crops faster, protecting your livestock better, and moving hay barrels more efficiently. Your operational efficiency will improve tremendously by investing in our farm equipment and supplies. Harvest equipment like our Sickle Guards have streamlined the process of cutting your crops and other vegetation. Now you can collect more of your rye and natural crops at a faster rate. This spare part for your combined harvester offers precise cutting of your crops and protects your knife sections from hazardous materials like debris and rocks. Check out our various combined platform sickle guards - fits John Dheere, fits New Holland, fits MacDon.

  • Livestock Safety & Tracking: Safety and tracking devices can also ensure you know where your livestock is at all times. Harvesting tools can be paired with tracking systems like our cow bell to let farmers know where their animals are and which areas need harvesting. You’ll be able to better protect both your crops and animals. These types of equipment promote efficient management of your livestock.  Our Cow Bells will help you know where your cattle or other livestock are at all times. The powder-coated device produces a dull sound that can be heard from miles away. 

  • Equipment Longevity: Equally important, is your equipment’s longevity. Of course, farming harvesting equipment is designed to handle the rigorous working conditions on a farm. Nothing lasts forever though. Using our grease products and lubricants can stop corrosion in its tracks and promote better functionality of your tools. Additionally, our lubrication products offer protection over your agriculture equipment and promote their longevity. We have two types of grease - Tacky Red Grease and Heavy Duty Grease. You can choose anyone as per your requirements.

  • Fencing: Over time, your farm will grow, including the number of livestock in your care. Installing fencing structures like post drivers can help you better protect your animals from predators and prevent them from escaping onto someone else’s property. These farming accessories can also help you better protect your fields and crops. Specifically, Our Post Drivers help drive fence posts into the ground faster than using a sledgehammer. You’ll have your fencing done in no time.

  • The Savings: Additionally, agriculture farming equipment and machinery parts can help farmers save on labor costs. Agriculture machinery can certainly make the work day go by faster. With Skid Steer Loader, you’ll be able to perform several different jobs at once, such as loading and digging. You’ll be able to focus on the more important aspects of your work, such as planting your crops and looking after your chickens. Farm machinery in particular will yield better production and more efficient working practices.  

  • Fuel Efficiency: If you’re looking for good fuel economy for your machinery, then invest in Mytee Products' diesel exhaust fluid. These farming accessories come as an eco-friendly option that promotes better fuel economy for farmers who operate diesel exhaust fluid system engines. You’ll be able to perform work on the farm safely, without worrying about your equipment breaking down. Lastly, our diesel fuels can be used for various vehicles and machinery. They’re eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, helping your tractors and other farming vehicles run more smoothly.

Care & Maintenance

For every job, you have to make sure your equipment and tools are properly maintained. The same goes for our farm tools and products for farmers. Caring for your post drivers, sickle guards and farming machinery will promote their longevity. You’ll be able to perform your work more efficiently, work faster, save money, and be safe, all at the same time. 

Specifically, you can better care for your big and small farm equipment by sharpening your metal parts and greasing down your equipment. It’s also imperative that you return and store them back in their original cases at the end of the day.

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